Monday, July 16, 2018

What's With the Cubs and the National Anthem?

Yesterday I drove down to San Diego to watch the Cubs play the Padres. Though I am a die hard Cub fan, I am not pleased that most of them don't bother to come out of the dugout and stand for the National Anthem. I thus made it a point to videotape the Anthem, and sure enough, while the entire Padres team (or so it seemed) came out to stand in front of the first base dugout during the anthem, only 9 or 10 Cubs made the effort. This in spite of the fact that the Padres were honoring the military and you can see rows of Marines lining the first and third base lines, most of the Cubs showed no interest.

Shame on you, Cubs.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

It would be better to come out and kneel. That's what a Green Beret told Colin Kaepernick.

Gary Fouse said...

Nobody kneels for national anthems. We stand.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Many people kneel for national anthems. Kaepernick initially sat, but a green beret veteran explained to him it would be more respectful to kneel, so he did. I know a Vietnam veteran who takes his great-nephew to the bathroom during the national anthem.

Gary Fouse said...

I stand by my last comment.