Monday, July 2, 2018

What Will the "Never Trumpers" Say About the Supreme Court?

This week we expect President Trump to appoint a successor to Anthony Kennedy  on the Supreme Court. It is expected he will choose a solid conservative, which would give conservatives a 5-4 edge on the court as opposed to the 4-4-coin flip situation we had with Kennedy. Earlier this week, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) a leftist, made an absurd statement that any of the names on Trump's list of 21 would be "complete non-starters" in the Senate. Harris needs to check her math. The Republicans have the majority in the Senate. Trump's pick will be confirmed as long as Mitch McConnell stands firm as he did with the Gorsuch nomination..This nomination will be voted on by the fall.

Those Republicans who have been nicknamed the "never Trumpers" have egg on their faces. Trump continues to deliver on his promises to the people who voted him into office. Had those "never Trumpers" had their way and Hillary Clinton had been elected, we would be looking at a solid 6-3 liberal majority on the court. Assuming Trump doesn't pull another David Souter out of his hat, he will assure us of  a court that will follow the Constitution for decades to come instead of one that makes up law to suit their progressive agenda.

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