Tuesday, July 24, 2018

More Coming Out on the Canadian Jihadist

Faisal Hussain

The Canadian-based blog, Vlad Tepes, has more details which are emerging about the 29-year-old terrorist, Faisal Hussain, who was killed by Toronto police after he opened fire in the Greektown section of Toronto Sunday night, killing two young girls (18 and 10) and wounding 13.

Hussain was reportedly born in Canada to a  Pakistani family. It took nearly a full day for his name to be released, and that was accompanied immediately by reports of his "severe mental illness".

This follows the pattern in Europe, where Muslim perpetrators of riots are identified by the police and  media as "youth" or "southerners". Those who go on rape or killing rampages are usually described as "mentally ill". Thus, the public is not fully informed as to the threats from jihadists they are confronted with. They have to figure it out for themselves.

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