Monday, July 23, 2018

Dutch Police Foil Planned Attack in Rotterdam

They prosecuted Geert Wilders in the Netherlands for his comments about  Moroccans, but this case proves he has a a point-as if he needed one. Dutch police have arrested two Moroccans who they say were planning a terror attack in Rotterdam. Translation of the article in De Telegraaf by Fousesquawk.

Rotterdam attack plan serious enough'

ROTTERDAM - The plans of the two Moroccans arrested in June to commit an attack on a police station in Rotterdam were sufficiently serious to intervene. The two men, aged 22 and 27, had not been in the picture before with the Public Prosecution Service.

That is what  spokesman Wim de Bruin of the public prosecutor's office says. The men stayed for some time in a house in Rotterdam-Zuid. The police picked them up on 17 June after information from the AIVD, because according to the Public Prosecution Service, they wanted to commit an armed attack in Paris and at the Veranda police station in Rotterdam.

he two communicated via chat messages with other people. One of the two Moroccans also sent a photo of the police station. With whom the two terror suspects had contact and whether they were also connected to a terrorist organization, is still being investigated by the Public Prosecution Service. "The research is still in full swing", says De Bruin.
No weapons were found among the suspects. De Bruin: "We intervened at an early stage. Preventing an attack is more important than a criminal case. "

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