Monday, July 16, 2018

British Labour Leader Denies Problem of Sexual Grooming by Pakistanis

It would be good news if Theresa May lost her seat as prime minister of Great Britain. The bad news is that a despicable guy named Jeremy Corbyn might replace her. This Marxist anti-Semite and leader of the Labour Party would be a disaster as prime minster.

Corbyn, who is a rabid foe of Israel and friend to anything Islamic, has now downplayed the problem of sexual grooming and forced prostitution of young British girls around the country, which have finally started to result in criminal trials. The perps are almost exclusively of Pakistani origin.That's why Corbyn is downplaying it.

The most publicized case is that of Rotherham, where police studiously ignored the problem for years to avoid being accused of Islamophobia. As a result, many lives were essentially destroyed by these monsters. Most recently, when Islam critic Tommy Robinson live streamed outside a British courthouse where a trial was in progress, the judge ordered him jailed for 13 months.

And they protested Trump's visit last week? They need to fix their own problems.

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