Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Supreme Court Upholds Trump Travel Ban

Bad News for CAIR

For the past couple of weeks the Council on American Muslim Relations (CAIR) has been advising its followers that they would hold a news conference and/or rally once the Supreme Court announced its decision on the Trump travel ban. The Southern California chapter had originally planned to hold a rally on a street corner in the Little Arabia section of Anaheim. That was later changed to the CAIR office in Orange County.

Unfortunately for CAIR, it will not be a victory rally. Today, the Supreme Court announced that by a 5-4 vote, it had upheld the travel ban, overturning several lower court decisions that had declared it unconstitutional.

Since CAIR will allow only accredited news organizations to attend their press conference in Anaheim, this writer will not be able to attend. It would be nice to see their hot-headed SoCal director, Hussam Ayloush, throw a hissy fit. No doubt he will insult Trump and call him an Islamophobe, CAIR's default term for anyone who opposes them and their subversive agenda. Maybe he will hold true to form and ask why Jews from Israel are not being excluded from the US. That's his style.

Below is the announcement from CAIR-National.

"Today's ruling sits alongside other similarly shameful Supreme Court decisions allowing Japanese American internment and segregation,” said CAIR National Litigation Director Lena Masri."

Wrong. That is hyperbole. Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast were deprived of their liberty during World War II. It was a shameful episode, but for too long, CAIR has exploited that issue to draw attention to Muslims. However, Muslims have not been rounded up and put in internment camps, and there has been no serious suggestion that they should be. As for segregation, another shameful chapter in our history, Muslims in America do not have to use different facilities, schools, restaurants and water fountains. They enjoy full rights.

But nobody who is not a citizen of this country has the constitutional right to enter the US. Every sovereign nation has the right and the obligation to decide who can enter and who can get a visa. During the Cold War, we denied entry to communists because they believed in an ideology that was determined to end our democracy. Consular officers world wide make decisions every day on whether to give or deny a visa. For example, if they have reason to believe that the person in question has no intention of returning, rather intending to stay in the US and find work, the visa is denied.

Unfortunately for Ms Masri, CAIR's litigation director, she has nothing left to litigate.

This is another victory for President Trump. True the ban has been watered down and includes N Korea and Venezuela, non-Muslim countries. For some reason, Sudan was removed from the list. I hope that miserable country will be put back on it.

The bottom line is that this is about protecting Americans. To be truly effective, it should include all Muslim countries, but that would be diplomatically impractical.

God, how I wish I could be there today to see Hussam Ayloush at the Anaheim press conference. 


Debra Soshoux said...

I couldn't agree more, but Ii believe Rabbi Dov Fischer of Young Israel of Orange County has been attempting to accomplish vav UCI and CAIR?

Gary Fouse said...

I happen to know Rabbi Fischer, but I am unclear as to what you are referring to. A few specifics, please?

Debra Soshoux said...

I owe you an apology. After reading your piece I believe I confused your piece with I was reading at roughly the same time decrying the pathetic ineffectualness of Jewish leadership in the face of CAIR, SJP, MSA and its ilk. I plead the Internet. My apologies.

Gary Fouse said...

No apologies necessary.