Monday, June 18, 2018

Southern Poverty Law Center Issues Apology

Hat tip The Lid

The Southern Poverty Law Center, once a respectable organization fighting bigotry, has degenerated into a left-wing activist organization that smears many innocent Americans and organizations as being racist. They often go over the line in listing counter jihad activists as being haters.

Now they have been forced to issue an apology to one of the people they have defamed, Maajid Nawaz, himself a former Muslim extremist.

Hopefully, this will be just one of many similar actions. A powerful organization such as the SPLC, with all its resources, is abusing its power to malign innocent people just because they stand up to the Islamists in our country.

Update: It appears The Lid has the amount of money being paid to Mr Nawaz in error. It is $3.4 million dollars. (Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism)

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Squid said...

Note that Google, Tweeter and Facebook use the biased resources of the SOPLC to determine who are haters on their platforms.