Tuesday, June 12, 2018

SFSU Still Being Embarrassed by Rabab Abdulhadi

Hat tip Middle East Forum

Message from President Wong: Your voice, our identity

Dear SF State Community,
We are aware of a post by faculty member Rabab Abdulhadi responding to my recent comments to the campus community. Dr. Abdulhadi’s post expressed her opposition to my comments and to Zionism generally.  While she is entitled to voice her own opinion, it cannot be done in a way that implies university endorsement or association.
Dr. Abdulhadi’s post does not reflect the opinions, values, or policies of San Francisco State University.  To the contrary, SF State promotes the principles of inclusion, thoughtful intellectual discourse, and sharing of ideas that are central to our academic environment.  All are welcome at SF State and a diversity of perspectives helps us grow as an institution. 
Yet, this important message can be lost or obscured when individuals within the university post contrary personal beliefs on campus-affiliated web pages, as is the case with this post. As a result, SF State is taking corrective action and will affirm this core principle in its social media policies and practices to avoid confusion and better safeguard the university’s web presence in the future.

Leslie E. Wong

A few months ago, we thought that San Francisco State University President Les Wong had finally seen the light and gathered the courage to stand up to his Palestinian professor Rabab Abdulhadi. When one professor declares that certain classes of people, in this case, Zionists, are not welcome on the SFSU campus, it is time for Wong to step in. It is especially egregious when the professor uses university communications resources to spread her hatred. Alas, it seems that Wong and CSU chancellor Tim White lack the will or desire to take the necessary corrective action.

Cinnamon Stillwell of the Middle East Forum brings us up to date on the disgraceful saga of Rabab Abdulhadi and Les Wong at SFSU.

So I ask: Where is the corrective action that SFSU was supposedly taking?

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