Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Reform Islam? Nice Thought, But How?

A begrudging hat tip to the The Intercept

There is an interesting article in The Intercept today (That site is run by leftist wacko, Glenn Greenwald, writing from self-imposed exile in Brazil, presumably.) It reports that President Trump was given a memo suggesting that the US launch an effort to push reform of Islam. Here is the article:

First of all, I agree that any such move by the US would backfire big time and do nothing more than cause more riots in the streets of Islamic countries. Whoever came up with this scheme is a fool.

As I have written before, there are practical problems in trying to have Islam emulate the Christian Reformation of Martin Luther. First of all, when Luther launched his Reformation, he was not rejecting Jesus, nor was he rejecting the Bible. He was rebelling against the corruption of the Vatican. How do you bring meaningful reform to Islam without rejecting much of what Mohammad said and did (like killing people and calling for the deaths of people? How do you reform Islam without rejecting about 60% of the Koran which damns people of other faiths and calls for them to be killed? That's not reform; that is pure apostasy. At the least, that is trying to start a new Islamic cult. Keep in mind that Sufist Muslims and Ahmadiya Muslims have a good track record in not being involved in all the terror and jihad. At the same time, they follow the Koran, Sharia law, and revere Mohammad.

But the fact remains that only Muslims can reform Islam, however they intend to do so. What we in the West need to do is place restrictions on Islamic immigration. The Europeans need to close their borders to the wave of refugees and migrants and deport whoever causes the least bit of trouble a large proportion). In the US we need to do the same. As long as this horror continues, we need to institute what Trump calls, "extreme vetting". We can diplomatically inform Muslim governments that it is a matter of protecting our own people. If they accept it, fine; if they don't, that's fine too.

The Islamic world has demonstrated that it needs to be isolated. We cannot reform Islam, but we should isolate it.

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