Saturday, June 30, 2018

Maxine Waters-My Classmate

I'll bet that got your attention.

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I had never been aware, but apparently, Maxine Waters and I are both from the Class of 1970 at California State University at Los Angeles. (It was then called California State College at Los Angeles.)

That's right. The congresswoman who is making such a splash lately with her attacks against President Trump, was a classmate of Fousesquawk himself. At least according to this biographical sketch.

"B.A., California State University, Los Angeles, Calif., 1970"

To be totally honest, there are other sites that give her year of graduation at 1971 or 1972. Thus, the whole thing is a bit mysterious. Who knows? Maybe she never went to CSULA at all.

But wait! Here is proof that Maxine and I were classmates. An old photo from our 1970 yearbook.

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