Thursday, June 7, 2018

Kenneth Marcus Approved at DOE/OCR

I am pleased to report that Ken Marcus, after an 8-month delay by obstructionist Democrats, has been approved as head of the Dept. of Education's Office of Civil Rights. The reason for the Democrat opposition was that they were doing the bidding of the pro-Palestinian forces, like Palestine Legal, who resented Marcus' efforts to combat anti-semitism on college campuses.

This is a welcome development. Ther charges thrown at Mr Marcus, an honorable man, who will protect the rights of all, were false.


Squid said...

This appointment of Marcus is a welcome relief from the Left of center DOE/OCR. The pro-Sharia influence is now gone and I anticipate action on the anti-Semitic actions of the SJP and Muslim Brotherhood inspired groups on American campuses. Of course the Basketball player Dept of Ed head is gone as well, which is also very good.


Gary Fouse said...

Also a lesson to American Jews that the Democrats stalled this nomination for 8 months and voted against him to do the bidding of the pro-palestinian lobby. Lesson learned (hopefully).