Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Turkish Foreign Minister Wants EU to Criminalize Islamophopbia

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Gatestone Institute

Turkey under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is becoming a rogue country and destroying  whatever hope they may have had to enter the European Union (before the EU itself collapses). Now Turkey's foreign minister, in the height of arrogance and irony, is calling on the EU to criminalize Islamophobia. It's like Hitler's foreign minister, an equally arrogant guy named Joaquim von Ribbentrop, calling on the world to criminalize Naziphobia.

So while Muslim fanatics around the world slaughter innocents and while fanatical Muslim clerics scream for jihad in all too many mosques, both in the Muslim world and in the West, while Jews and Christians are called "apes and pigs" and while a genocide against Middle East Christians has been on-going in places like Syria and Iraq, what are we Westerners supposed to call ourselves?

I have tried as hard as any commentator not to preach hate against Muslims as people. At the same time, I have said before and will repeat that the underlying root for all this hatred and violence is the teaching of Islam itself, especially as it pertains to Islam's political ideology.

If that makes me an Islamophobe, then I plead guilty.

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John said...

It's not about being an Islamophobe or any other kind of 'phobe', it's about examining the credentials of a faith or a philosophy or even a movement, and coming to a reasoned opinion of what is being examined. Of course this process is filtered through the lens of our own world view which has been formed by our background, experiences and beliefs.
To be accused of being a 'phobe' is a way of controlling you, of pigeonholing your views so that you can then be attacked and intimidated.
I don't hate Islam nor Muslims, but I reject those aspects of that faith which humiliate and degrade women, those commands to put to death homosexuals, those laws which would rob me and those I love of our freedom and dignity.
I see nothing in Islam that makes it appealing or preferable to my own Christian faith.
To hold my views does not make me an Islamophobe, any more than being against gay marriage makes me a homophobe.