Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Time's Biased Article on the FBI

This week, Time Magazine is running an article by Eric Lichtblau entitled, The FBI on Trial. The article describes the various controversies surrounding the Bureau and failures to follow up on tips regarding potential terrorists and shooters, such as the Parkland School shooter. The focus, however, is on James Comey's actions during the  2016 elections. Predictably, the article focuses on the alleged damage that Comey did to the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. Even when discussing fired FBI official Andrew McCabe, the article limits itself to McCabe's reported lie to the FBI  regarding a leak regarding the Clinton  Foundation.

What is missing is any description of the FBI's alleged actions that impacted Candidate Trump. There is no mention of the FISA warrant against one time Trump aide Carter Page, which was based on the widely discredited Steele Dossier. (Indeed, one of the renewal applications was signed off on by McCabe.) Instead, the article gives credence to the allegation of Trump collusion with the Russians. Naturally, there are plenty of shots against Trump, mostly for his attacks against the Bureau.

In sum, if you knew nothing about the events of the past two years, you would read this article and come away with the impression that all the controversy about Comey and the FBI  was about how they interfered with the election to the detriment of Clinton and little to nothing about the efforts of certain high level FBI officials to undermine the candidacy- and later presidency of Donald Trump.

But that is the state of mainstream journalism in America today.


Squid said...

Of Course it is a hit piece on Trump. It is the Far Left Fake News Time magazine. Today, it becomes very Clear that the Lefty inspired MSM leaves out much of the true news story. It is managed and manipulated news. Remember, the Socialist Saul Alinsky stated that control of the Media is one of the means to Socialism in America. Other points where controlling Health Care and the Universities.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

There is probably cause to investigate what the Russians were up to, including whether there was contact with the Trump campaign. Whether crimes were committed is not clear, but that's what an investigation looks into. Wasn't that true at the DEA? Well no, I know it wasn't, but it should have been. Federal prosecutors were happy to set up any number of innocent people to crow about their number of convictions.

Incidentally, one thing it appears the Russians WERE doing was simultaneously running "Back the Badge" themed Facebook posts and "Black Lives Matter" themed posts, just to get us all up in each other's face. Should be an object lesson for all of us in that.

The Russian efforts were keystone kops stuff, not serious disruption. But they tried. Nothing Comey did could have changed the outcome of the election. Trump won because in some key states, tens of thousands of voters who twice supported Barack Obama and then voted for Bernie Sanders couldn't stomach Hillary and decided Trump was the lesser evil.

Gary Fouse said...

"Federal prosecutors were happy to set up any number of innocent people to crow about their number of convictions."

I never met such a prosecutor. At least until Robert Mueller came along.