Monday, May 7, 2018

The Latest UC Irvine Disruption From One Who Was There

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

My friend Barry Forman was present at last week's disruption of a College Republican event at UC Irvine which featured Israeli Reservists on Duty. He has written about it on Frontpage Magazine. In this article, Forman expresses his frustration with certain leaders of the Jewish community who refuse to stand up against this anti-semitic thuggery.

Barry is 100% correct. Shame on organizations like Hillel and the Orange County Jewish Federation. Shame on the OC Human Rights Commission, which has never given a moment's notice to anti-semitism at UC Irvine. Shame on UC Irvine for allowing this problem to continue and fester for so many years.

Free speech at UCI? Not for those who defend Israel. Keep in mind that the chancellor of UCI, Howard Gillman, wrote the book on campus free speech along with then law school dean Erwin Chemerinsky. (Free Speech on Campus, Yale University Press) Yet he cannot or will not protect free speech for those on the wrong side of groups like Students for Justice in Palestine. How ironic it is that when Chemerinsky was dean of the UCI Law School, the SJP  enlisted the services of the communist National Lawyers Guild chapter- attached to the UCI Law School- to act as "legal observers" for the 2016 and 2017 disruptions of Jewish/IDF events.

I have been watching this play out at UCI for 12 years. It is sickening. The university needs new leadership.

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