Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Man Attached by Somalis in Maine

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Maine First Media

Maine is the latest dumping point for Somali refugees that our feckless government  is bringing in the country. Below is a result. A group of ten or so young Somalis attacks a man in Kennedy Park in Lewiston.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Maine is not "the latest dumping ground." It is a state where a number of Somalis were sent during the mass evacuation of "Somali Bantu" during the second Bush administration, although the plans were initiated near the end of Clinton's second term. (Bill Clinton of course, since Hillary didn't even get a first term). This evacuation may have been ill-advised, but it was an event, not an ongoing stream. The initial analysis is that this population were descended from enslaved captives brought from further down the African coast during the early 19th century, and remained a persecuted minority, so they should be brought to the U.S. They had, by then, adopted the religion of their captors, and for the most part still follow it.

If their reception was anything like the Karen refugees, who are Baptists from southern Myanmar, naturally the half-grown children are turning to hanging out in gangs, like many ethnic immigrants of the past couple centuries. Their fathers drive hundreds of miles to work in non-union meat packing plants and the families live in some really run-down areas where the natives are kind of rough and restless anyway.