Monday, May 28, 2018

Geert Wilders Speaks Out on Arrest of Tommy Robinson

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

This week, British Islam critic Tommy Robinson was arrested for the "crime" of live streaming in front of a British courthouse where yet another group of Muslim sexual groomers was being held. The judge in the case has slapped him into jail for 13 months and issued a gag order on the press (which, of course, sites like Fousesquawk are not bound by).

Here is Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, speaking in front of the British embassy in the Hague.

As far as I am concerned, Britain is gone, surrendered to the forces of Islam, a country that has lost the pride it once held under Winston Churchill. Today, it is nothing more than what Hitler and Goebbels said it was (erroneously at the time), a "nation of shopkeepers." Worse yet, it is a nation that has cast aside freedom of speech so as not to offend its restive Muslim population. Muslims can stand outside Buckingham Palace (as they did) and scream, "Burn burn Buckingham" with impunity. Yet, Tommy Robinson is now facing 13 months in a Muslim-infested prison, from where he very possibly will not emerge alive, all because he was live streaming outside a courthouse.

Last week, I chose not to watch the "Fairy Tale Wedding" of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle,not because I have anything against them, rather because it is simply too surreal to watch and to listen to British and American reporters gush about the "Moment We Have All Been Waiting for". This was all against the backdrop of freedom of speech being silenced while Pakistani Muslim gangs of rapists force British schoolgirls into sexual slavery and proclaim that Islam will rule Britain, a prophesy coming true before our very eyes.

So it's time for the Brits to go back to their shops and tend their nice little gardens-in silence. One day, the era of democracy will be a distant memory just like the British Empire.


Squid said...

I visited London in the late 60s and found the experience to be a delight. There were a couple of plays I went to and the city was sponsoring the King Tut exhibit. It was New Year eve and went to Trafalgar Square to see the nude Londoners reveling in the fountain, in the middle of the square. Today, I do not imagine that I would have such a nice experience. Too bad that the UK is allowing their country to be taken over by Islam.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

According to information posted at The American Conservative, this is standard practice for Britain, where judges have broad powers to muzzle press coverage of a trial, and constitutional protections that are deeply ingrained in America do not exist. I think that was one reason we fought a war with Britain circa 1776. The reporter broke British law, and the judge responded in the time-honored manner.

(Poor Squid. If he can't watch Londoners revel nude in the fountain, he blames it on Islam.)