Thursday, May 3, 2018

Frontpage Magazine Editor Suspended from Twitter

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

First, Facebook suspends him after he was threatened by some Muslim guy. Now Frontpage Magazine editor Jamie Glazov has been suspended by Twitter for merely quoting the Koran and hadith. What's next in the world of online censorship?

If these social media outlets like Twitter want to censor hate speech, instead of going after someone who merely supplies the footnotes, why not go to the source?


Squid said...

I saw rhis Twitter suspension this morning when I read Jamie’s article. He cited the Koran and Hadith. These are the traditional texts of Islam, that have been around since 700 AD. These texts are referenced in Mosques, world wide. So Jamie gets the boot from Twitter for citing them, when they are routinely referenced by Muslims. The censorship of reality by the Left is astounding.


Gary Fouse said...

I think what is needed, and I see it coming is a revolt against these social media giants over this issue. When people leave in masses, they go down.