Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Complaints of Anti-Semitism at Columbia, NYU, Syracuse and UC Irvine

The AMCHA Initiative and 60 other organizations have written to the heads of four major universities complaining about anti-semitism on those campuses. A description of the complaints and links to the letters can be found below.

For years now, Columbia has been a hotbed of anti-semitism. Much of it is due to anti-Israel agitation the part of Middle East studies professors. UC Irvine, where I used to teach, has been plagued for two decades by the actions and words of the Muslim Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine.

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Squid said...

I remember Columbia University students inviting Ahmadinejad, ex-President of Iran, to speak at their school. The anti-Semitism demonstrated from Iran is second none. He also hates America. This is what Columbia University is all about. BTW, it is Obama's Alma mater.