Saturday, May 26, 2018

Brits Protest Arrest of Tommy Robinson

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

Yesterday in London, British counter jihad activist Tommy Robinson was arrested for live streaming outside the trail of the latest batch of Muslim sex groomers. Today, there is a protest going on in his defense. Below is a live stream of the protest.

Here from Vlad Tepes is a comment from a participant in today's protest.

"Hello all, just got backfrom (sic) the Whitehall demo, I can comfirm (sic)  there were around 400+ of us there towards the end of it. I saw this young woman there vlogging live but didn't get the chance to say hi.
Towards the end we sat down in the road that we had blockeed with shear numbers, the police were completely unprepared for the number of people who showed up, mostly Londoners as it had less than 24 hours notice.
Tomorrow there are going to be speeches at speakers corner in Hyde Park starting at one (13.00 hrs) until four. Be there if you can make it guys, amoung (sic)  the speakers is Anne Marie Waters so it should be a good event. NSE."

Free speech? Not in the UK.

Update: Here is more on the Robinson arrest, and it is deeply disturbing.

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