Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Who's Nuttier- Randa Jarrar or Her Supporters?

-Fresno Bee

The furor over Professor of English Randa Jarrar continues at Fresno State after she insulted Barbara Bush after the former first lady passed away. Jarrar compounds the problem with her arrogant rants while her supporters talk as if she was Ralph Waldo Emerson-high praise for a woman who can't put a sentence together with saying "like" and the F bomb three or four times.

One writer to the Fresno Bee claimed that Jarrar "makes us think". If this is what makes you think, not even Dr Frankenstein can bring you back to life. The only thing that she makes me think is that she looks like an unmade king size bed with tattoos, something that used to be found only in circus side shows, not universities. But my how times have changed.

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"She makes me think."

Jarrar has overnight become a poster child for everything that is gone wrong in our universities. That's no small accomplishment given the competition she is up against from Harvard to Berkeley.

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