Saturday, April 21, 2018

When Insanity and Hate Come Together= Louis Farrakhan

In the above video, Louis Farrakhan removes any doubt about his anti-Jewish feeling. This one also proves that he is a pure nut job as he "deciphers" the Star of David.

This kind of talk is reminiscent of Julius Streicher, the "Jew baiter of Nuremberg", editor of the infamous anti-semitic tabloid, Der Stuermer.

Yet, Farrakhan, who is one of the sickest haters in our country, receives relatively little criticism, at least from the left. On the contrary, he has spoken at places like UC Berkeley.

And recently, a video came out showing Farrakhan getting hugs and kisses from Democrat Black Caucus members, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Barbara Lee, and Al Green among others. This video was taken in 2009. Of course, Farrakhan's reputation was already long established.

It is amazing what the left gets away with.


Anonymous said...

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Gary Fouse said...

What is your point here?

Squid said...

Never forget that Farrakhan was best friends with Rev. Wright, of the Trinity Church outside of Chicago. Farrakhan visited the Church to give guest sermons to the flock. Ex-President Obama was a member of the Church for 20 years. I will leave the rest up to the readers to figure out.