Saturday, April 7, 2018

When Did the Front Page Become the Editorial Section?

"The prominence of figures like Gorka and Hopkins at conservative events raises questions about their influence in today’s Republican Party and the extent to which American conservatism has taken a far-right turn.
“The party of Reagan was about ideas,” said Jack Pitney, a professor of politics at Claremont McKenna College. “The party of Trump is about attitude.”
“Every political movement attracts its share of eccentrics,” Pitney added. “But oddballs like Gorka are becoming the norm rather than the exception.
“Back in the day, Gorka would have been the strange dude in the exhibit hall, handing out pamphlets about communism and fluoridation … The arc of the Republican Party has been toward weirdness.”

Today, the Orange County Register, which has transitioned from a libertarian/conservative paper to a politically correct one in  recent years, is running a front page story ( in their print edition) by Jeff Horseman, which originally appeared in the Press Enterprise (Riverside). It concerns a conservative gathering taking place in Riverside this weekend featuring Sabastian Gorka. Since the OCR online edition today doesn't carry the story, I am linking the PE copy.

Agree or disagree with the tone of this article. My point is simply this: Back in the days when journalism was a respected profession, opinion-based writing was reserved for the editorial section, where the reader could be sure he or she was reading someone's opinion. The front page is supposed to be reserved for facts.

The OC Register has lost sight of that basic rule. That's why it is a newspaper in  decline.


Squid said...

There is no doubt that the OC Register is in decline. I subscribe to the Thursday-Sunday Register. The paper is getting thinner every week. Sections like Travel Local etc., have been combined into one section. The content has been rendered into an opinion piece as you said Gary. What I notice, that is most disturbing, is the use of NYT and WaPo pieces on the front pages. Both the WaPo ad NYT are mostly Fake News.
I asked my wife if we should cancel the Register. She said that we need the paper for our parrots cage. The Register is a Poop sheet.


Gary Fouse said...

Every parrot needs a poop sheet for its cage.