Friday, April 13, 2018

The European Daily Blotter

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

It's really hard to keep up with the carnage going on in Europe. Yesterday, we were reporting on the horrific slaughter in Hamburg, where a 33-year-old "refugee" from Niger stabbed his ex-wife and one-year-old baby to death in a subway station.

Today, in Wuppertal, an "asylum-seeker" from India snatched a five-yer-old child from his parents arms and jumped in front of a train. Fortunately, the child survived with minor injuries. Unfortunately, the "asylum-seeker" also survived.

Meanwhile In France, Gates of Vienna has a video of a French woman being whipped with a belt by her Muslim "boyfriend", an ibn sharmota named Isham as his friend, Samir, does the videotaping with a  cell phone.

Then there is Sweden, the rape capital of Europe. We feature two articles here from Gates of Vienna, one penned by the Norwegian blogger, Fjordman. In his article, he describes the story of a young woman gang raped by two Arabs and finding out that to the cops, it's not much more than a fender bender.

The second article on Gates of Vienna concerns the explosion of guns and drugs in Sweden, once again, courtesy of the country's "culture-enrichers."

Nonetheless, The stupidity on the part of Europe's leaders continues unabated. In Italy, where a new government is coming into power, hopefully under Matteo Salvini, the old guard still insists on more and more migration. Take Laura Boldrini, an Italian MP, for example. In the midst of all the horrors going on, she insists that allowing more migration is the way to go.


Joe from Irvine said...

Horrible stuff going on in Europe.

Although not too many goods things going on here in America. Take a look:

Gary Fouse said...

Well, Joe from Irvine, I bet you had to scour high and low to find that one. If guilty I condemn this rabbi and the others involved.

If you want an easier task, I suggest researching the grooming rings operating in Britain. Much lower hanging fruit there. Of course, you won't find any Jews or rabbis there.