Monday, December 25, 2017

Justice Denied in Sweden

Last August, a Swedish woman was gang-raped by up to 20 men in a Stockholm suburb. Ultimately, five were charged. The court threw out the charges claiming the woman's testimony was suspect.

Below is a Fria Tider article I translated for Gates of Vienna which gives the judge's "reasoning".

(This is Part 1.)

Not being privy to all the facts, let us assume the worst. Let us assume this woman was willingly in the company of some of these men until others showed up. Let us assume that there was some degree of willingness on the woman's part. Let us assume that, as some have accused, she was a "junkie" (as if that's a defense against rape).

However, when a woman suffers injuries, then the defense of "consent" takes a serious hit.

It seems to me that the justice systems Western European countries (Eastern Europeans are not letting this rabble into their countries) are bending over backwards not to punish migrant offenders with any degree of severity. If I am correct, it is because they are afraid to. Europe is surrendering to the Islamic world.

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