Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Interesting Piece in New York Times (Of All Places)

You know the old saying about a broken clock being right twice a day. So it is with the New York Times, in which a gentleman named Spencer Fernando has an article about anti-Semitism in Sweden. According to a 2013 study, 51% of anti-semitic incidents are ascribed to Muslim extremists, 25% to left-wing extremists and  5% to right-wing extremists

I applaud the article because I follow the events in Sweden closely, but the figures only add up to 86%. Where is the other 19%? I would bet that it is Muslims not identified as extremist just thugs or something similar. Or for some reason, the perps were never arrested and simply described as “ungdomar”, (youth) which everyone knows meaning young Muslim males. * It is also true in other Western European countries where Muslim immigrants have brought about the biggest resurgence in anti-semitism since WW2.
This problem exists in the US where the focal point of this resurgence is on our university campuses. Recently, after Trump’s election, I attended an anti-hate event at a Newport Beach, Ca synagogue. It was an interfaith event dedicated to the proposition that since Trump took office, Jews and Muslims are experiencing more hate-at the hands of the Neo-Nazis, KKK, white nationalists, alt-right and Trump supporters. Not one word about Islamic anti-semitism because Muslim leaders and Imams were present. I knew for a fact since I had been a part-time teacher at UC Irvine for 18 years that the problem on our campus was due to the activities of the pro-Palestinian crowd. Yet when I wrote down a question to be passed up to the panel (which read, “Who is responsible for anti-Semitism at UC Irvine?”), the organizer of the event refused to accept the question, and she told me so. While it is hard to compare the European and American situations because of so many differences, Sweden reaffirms my belief that most (non-Islamic) anti-semitism in the US comes from the left rather than the right. After all, Jews in the US who support the Palestinians are overwhelmingly on the left.
This is the problem. In Europe, the spineless Europeans are afraid to protect their Jewish populations while in the US, far too many Jews will not address the problem of Islamic anti-semitism.
* I note that the above link its not the full article, and Fernando may give further explanation on the missing 19% in the remainder. In order to access the full article, one must be a subscriber to the NYT.


Squid said...

The "Anti-Hate" event at the CA Synagogue sounds like an ADL "Domestic Terrorism" seminar. All the domestic terrorists are KKK, Motorcycle Gangs and White Supremacists. When I asked about Islamist Terrorism in America, the presenters said they do not cover this group. Error of commission. Hmmm, Orlando, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Boston Bombing, 9/11.


Gary Fouse said...

The ADL as you know is missing in action. It is truly an error of commission. Shame on them.