Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Jew Hatred Returns to Berlin After Jerusalem Embassy Move

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Egri Nok  and Vlad Tepes

Image result for reichskristallnachtDemonstrators wave Palestinian, Turkish and Syrian flags in front of the Brandenburg Gate, next to the US embassy in Berlin on December 8, 2017, (AFP PHOTO / John MACDOUGALL)

Berlin has not seen such scenes of Jew-hatred since Hitler ruled. In the wake of the US decision to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Muslims gathered outside the US Embassy by the Brandenburg Gate to roar their anger and included among their odious chants, the old Islamic refrain, "Khaybar, Khaybar O Yahud (Jew), the armies of Mohammad are returning".  The scenes of the ugly demonstration have been posted by Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna.

Make no mistake: These are not Germans (though I cannot guarantee there were absolutely no misguided Germans in the crowd). These were Muslims screaming their hatred of America, their hatred of Israel, and yes- their hatred of Jews.

It is to Angela Merkel's everlasting shame that she has allowed these types of scenes to return to Germany after the country had worked so hard to try and amend for the crimes of the Nazis. She has allowed hundreds of thousands of these people to enter her country unimpeded. These scenes are a reminder of Kristallnacht, that horrible night in 1938 when Nazis rampaged throughout Germany, burning synagogues. This scenes this week are something Germans never wanted repeated in their country. Now it has returned, not courtesy of neo-Nazis, but courtesy of Germany's exploding Muslim population, who have brought their age-old Jew hatred back to a country that never wanted to see such scenes again.

I can only pray that the horribly misguided Angela Merkel will not survive in office and that Germany can return to the days when she was trying to amend for the Holocaust.

UC Berkeley Reaches a New Low

Hat tip The College Fix and Legal Insurrection

By now the whole nation knows that San Francisco jury acquitted a repeat felon and illegal alien of murder in the Kate Steinle trial. If that wasn't bad enough, when the College Republicans put up a  memorial poster for Kate on the UC Berkeley campus, it was quickly torn down.

Here is the Daily Cal's article that doesn't even mention the poster being torn down.

The Fallout From the Embassy Move in Israel

"For example, do Jews riot in Israel or New York every time the UN passes some biased resolution against the Jewish state?"

Below is my latest article in Times of Israel Blogs.

CAIR, Family of NY Bomber "Outraged" at Police

Hat tip Daily Caller

If you are outraged at yesterday's attempted bombing attack in New York by a Bangladeshi Muslim (who had come to the US courtesy of chain migration ) wait till you read this.

CAIR in New York, speaking on behalf of the family of Akayed Ullah, is outraged at the actions of police.

First of all, let me remind you that President Trump is trying to put a stop to chain migration F-4 visas, which allow legal resident aliens to bring family members to the US, putting these people ahead of would be immigrants based on merit and skills we need. That is the very reason this scumbag was in the US to begin with.

Secondly, it was the quick action by police that, among other more positive things, probably saved the life of this dirtbag.

Thirdly, we now learn that in addition to trying to kill Americans for ISIS, this douchebag chose Times Square because of all the Christmas decorations, apparently something that offended his Muslim sensibilities.

I cannot run out of expletive-deleteds to express my own outrage at this arrogance. (I've already run out of bags.)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Rutgers Disciplines Jew-Hating Professor

Hat tip The College Fix

Under fire for defending three professors who have openly expressed their hatred of Jews, Rutgers University has suspended professor and director of the Center for  Digestive Health (!) Michael Chikindas from  his teaching duties.

Image result for der stuermer

Do you see a similarity?

This is a welcome development because this character had all but plastered images of Julius Streicher and Der Stuermer on his social media. It was disgusting and brought disrepute to Rutgers-especially after university president Robert Barchi had defended the free speech rights of Chikindas and two other anti-Semitic professors while shooting the messenger, the New York-based Algemeiner.

As for those students who are enrolled in Food Science at Rutgers, this suspension might save some of them from suffering their own digestive problems, especially if they were to view Chikindas' images after eating.

Image result for man throwing up

Pro-Palestinian Rage (Yawn)

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

Image result for muslim rage

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism has a great piece running today listing the howls of protest from pro-Palestinian forces in the US over President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

First and foremost in the IPT article is the always irritating Linda Sarsour, a fast-rising star among leftist whiners. She is a Palestinian-American and frequent basher of Israel. Many of her utterances have crossed the line into sheer anti-semitism. How refreshing to read that Trump doesn't speak for her.

As if we elected Trump to speak for Linda Sarsour.

Then there is Jewish Voice for Peace, who really should call themselves Jewish Misfits for the Eradication of Israel. They are a despicable bunch who have linked arms with those who want to destroy Israel and wipe it off the map. Moreover, they don't even believe in free speech. Like their brothers-in arms, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), their tactics are intimidation and disruption.

And speaking of Students for Justice in Palestine, one of the groups also mentioned in IPT's article, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), was co-founded by the same guy who founded SJP, the odious professor at UC Berkeley, Hatem Bazian, a Palestinian-American who came to the US for his education, called for an intifada in the US and once reportedly told a student audience to go and count the number of buildings on their campus with Jewish names on them. In fact, SJP is largely funded by AMP.

And then there is the unindicted co-conspirator organization (Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas 2007-2008), the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its despicable director, Nihad Awad. This week wouldn't be complete without the oily Mr Awad condemning Trump's move.

But wait a minute! If I recall correctly, a few years ago, CAIR's Southern California director, Hussam Ayloush, told a "reporter" that CAIR did not involve itself in the conflicts and  affairs of the Middle East.

I guess Ayloush never got the memo.

At any rate, I agree with the President's move, and my belief is reinforced when I read of the objections of the above characters and their despicable organizations.

While Sweden Burns......

Sweden is a country which for a long time has liked to poke its nose into other countries business. So it it that its current foreign minister, an anti-Israel hack name Margot Wallström has announced (via Twitter!) that Sweden and other nations, including the UK, France and Italy,  are calling for a UN Security Council meeting this week on President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and plans to move our embassy there.

Sweden needs to tend to its own affairs. They have enough problems without worrying where the US places its embassy in Israel. Just this week, Mobs of immigrant Muslims took to the streets in Malmö and Gothenburg to chant deadly threats to Jews and attack a Gothenburg synagogue with Molotov cocktails.

NYC Hit Again by Islamic Terror

Thankfully no deaths

Once again, Islamic terror has struck New York City. A 27-year-old Muslim man from Bangladesh  set off a pipe bomb in a Port Authority bus station. Only 4 injuries reported. It is reportedly ISIS-inspired.

PHOTO: Akayed Ullah is pictured in an undated photo released by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. (TLC)

"Akayed Ullah, 27, set off the "effectively low-tech device" in a subway passageway just before 7:30 a.m., New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a news conference. Ullah, who lived in Brooklyn, suffered burns and wounds to his abdomen and hands and appeared to be the only person seriously injured in the pipe bomb explosion, authorities said."

Of course, the statements of New York hacks like Mayor Bill de Blasio, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand make no mention of the Islamic connection.

Maybe President Trump should add Bangladesh to the list of banned countries. It seems Ullah entered the US on an F-4 visa (family-based).

In the meantime, we await the next attack in the new reality that we are all expected to learn to live with in America and Europe, all in the name of multi-culturalism, openness,  diversity, inclusion, and whatever else.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Muslim Jew Hatred in New York

Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammed is returning.

President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has brought another fact to light: This conflict is not about who owns what land. This is about the refusal of the Islamic world to allow a Jewish state (or Christian state for that matter ) in the Holy Land. As happened in Sweden, England, Muslims poured onto the streets of New York and chanted their hatred of Jews.

It is time to tell the Palestinians and their allies that they do not have our support. We side with Israel. If the Palestinians here in America don't like it. they can leave. We do not appreciate your anti-semitism. We don't need you, we don't want you, and the sooner you are gone, the better off we will be.

More on the Malmo Protest

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

“We want our freedom back, and we’re going to shoot the Jews,” 

Below is a translation I did for Vlad Tepes from the southern Swedish news outlet, Sydsvenskan. It concerns the Muslim protest this week in Malmo, in which the mobs chanted their calls for death to Jews.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

And in Gothenburg......

Molotov cocktails thrown in synagogue as Jews huddle inside.


Death to Jews Chants in London

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

This video just in from Vlad Tepes. Outside the US embassy in London, Muslims are chanting the age old refrain to Jews that the armies of Mohammad are returning. Meanwhile, London Jews counter protesting sang our National Anthem. Videos can be seen below.

Muslims in Malmo call for Death to Jews

Hat tip Jihad i Malmo

There has been an ugly demonstration in Malmo, in which a mob of Muslims called for the deaths of Jews. The below Facebook video is dated 12-7-17, but there is some confusion as to whether it occurred after Friday prayers (12-8-17). At any rate, sub-titling pending, I can tell you that the Arabic chants, which are translated into Swedish sub-titles read (chants are repeated two times),

Khaybar Khayber- O Jew: The Army of Mohammad is returning.

Arm me. Make me of service
Down with the House of Saud (Royal house of Saudi Arabia)

No normalisation with Jews

 Strike them with knives
Strike, Strike, do not be afraid

With knives, o fedayeen (those who martyr themselves in battle) , with knives

We have proclaimed for millions

We die. Palestine lives.
The answer is the Al Aqsa Brigades

The answer is the Qassam brigades

This is outrageous. How can this be tolerated? Malmo is  arguably the most anti-semitic city in Europe thanks to its  (25%) Muslim population that has driven many of the Jewish population out of the city and out of the country. This is not the first time this has happened in Malmo.

Why are we tolerating this hate?

*Here is the sub-titled video on Gates of Vienna

At UC Irvine Christmas Is Out

"Bah, hum-bug"

UC Irvine made it to Fox News', Fox and Friends, but not in a positive way. It seems the politically-correct hacks at UCI are now cracking down on any expressions of Christmas. UCI conservative student Ariana Rowlands was featured on Fox News this week to tell us what's happening at UCI.

Here is the message in question from the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity:

Friday, December 8, 2017

Harvard Honors.....Nihad Awad!!??

Hat tip Islamist Watch and Investigative Project on Terrorism


"In a profile of legendary child psychologist, Harvard professor, and civil rights activist Robert Coles, journalist David Swift describes Coles as "one of our great moral visionaries." To honor Coles's legacy, Harvard University's student-led non-profit group, the Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) has admirably named a prestigious annual activists' award after Coles."

Nihad Awad?

Below is the picture of Awad I like the best.

Image result for nihad awad

Here is Awad at some protest. The man you see to his right dressed in black (under the flag of Hizbollah) is none other than Abdul Alim Musa, aka Clarence Reams, the Jew-hating, America-hating, Iran-loving imam from Washington DC. He's a former drug dealer, who was a fugitive for a few years hiding out in places like Algeria. He eventually spent time in prison and converted to Islam. The rest is history.

Anybody who shares a stage with that bum is undeserving of any honor.

SJP Gets Schooled by SSI at Columbia

If you want to see a classic example of just how intellectually bankrupt the arguments of the pro-Palestinian forces are in our academia, you need to watch this film produced by Students Supporting Israel at Columbia University.

Students for Justice in Palestine was holding an event about the LGBQ community in "occupied Palestine" or whatever they call it. A group of SSI students made them look silly by pointing out that the gays in Gaza and the West Bank get shot. They pointed out one example by name and tried to get a reaction. SJP, for their part, were trying to make the case that occupation and colonialism breed anti-gay bias. Yet, in Israel, gays are treated equally and with respect, while in the Palestinian-held territories, they get killed by other Palestinians-all because of the evil occupying Israelis, who engage in so-called "pink-washing" in taking unfair PR advantage of their acceptance of gays.

Have I got that right, SJP?

Here is the link to the video made by SSI.

What Say You, Ms Allred?

I have no dog in the Roy Moore hunt. I don't know if he is guilty or innocent of the charges levied against him during his campaign. But I think that the admission by one of the women involved that she added her own writing to an alleged inscription Moore wrote in her yearbook decades ago (1977)  greatly damages the overall case against Moore.

It should be pointed out that when Moore's attorney asked for the original yearbook so that handwriting experts could compare it with known original Moore signatures, the woman's attorney, none other than Gloria Allred, the infamous ambulance chaser of Los Angeles, refused to hand it over.

Beverly Young Nelson the latest accuser of Alabama Republican Roy Moore, shows her high school yearbook signed by Moore, at a news conference, in New York, Monday, Nov. 13, 2017. Nelson says Moore assaulted her when she was 16 and he offered her a ride home from a restaurant where she worked. Anticipating Nelson's allegations at the news conference, Moore's campaign ridiculed her attorney, Gloria Allred, beforehand as "a sensationalist leading a witch hunt." (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Not that the inscription is scandalous in itself. It is innocuous. Nelson has now admitted that she added the date, "DA", and Olde Hickory House to the inscription. (Moore denies knowing the lady.)
It may not change the facts of the allegation-that Moore sexually assaulted her, but it seems strange that this is just coming out. Didn't the brilliant barrister Allred know that with the writing being challenged, this little detail could discredit Ms Nelson's overall claims? When did she learn of this? Furthermore, who is her handwriting expert and what documents  did he use for comparison? Were they original documents?

The odds of Mr Moore winning the senatorial race in Alabama just went up. We still don't know the truth, but this could be a Mark Furman moment. Ask the OJ Simpson prosecutors what happens to your overall case when one of your star witnesses is caught in a lie.

An Italian Municipality With 110 Residents and 113 Refugees

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

The below article from Il Giornale, which I have translated into English, is self-explanatory.

The country invaded by migrants: 113 refugees with 110 inhabitants

In Gambara, in the hamlet of Corvione, foreigners seeking asylum exceed the resident population. Grimoldi: "Ethnic Replacement"

A good 113 migrants against 110 inhabitants. In Gambara, in the Hamlet of Corvione, foreigners seeking asylum exceed the resident population.
Archive photo

And it is immediately a clash in the province of Brescia, where there are 38 municipalities that have to deal with a higher rate of reception than the maximum set by the Ministry of the Interior.
The Brescia Oggi newspaper has drawn up the map of reception (centers) in the Lombardy province , which highlighted Gambara's extreme case. The hard center-right attack: " In Corvione di Gambara there are more asylum seekers than residents.The government , the leftist mayors and immigration professionals are creating disasters, " said Regional Security Councilor Simona Bordonali. "A figure that certifies a further failure that we do not want to pass under. These guests have stayed for years in a former restaurant that could accommodate up to a maximum of 90. Now for immigrants the state goes quietly in derogation  from the law. The ministerial threshold, the entire municipal territory of Gambara, should host a maximum of 12 asylum seekers. Instead they count 10 times as many. All with the silent consent of the mayor who instead of fighting the situation is giving these guests dozens of identity cards . "
For the Hon Paolo Grimoldi , a member of the Lega Nord and Secretary of the Lombard League, the idea of ​​the distribution of migrants desired by the minister is "a fairy tale", a "colossal dance in reality", with "incredible degeneration" as in case of Gambara. "This village represents the first concrete demonstration of the ethnic substitution that the Pd and the left are implementing ... - concludes Grimoldi - It is time  Minister Minniti intervenes and transfers these asylum seekers elsewhere".