Wednesday, August 2, 2017

SMU Considers 9-11 Memorial to be "Triggering"

Hat tip The College Fix

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Triggered mustang

When Young Americans for Freedom, a conservative student group at Southern Methodist University (Home of the Mustangs), tried to schedule a 9-11 memorial consisting of 3,000 American flags, they were told by the school that their planned display would be moved to a different (and less traveled) part of the campus. Specifically mentioned was the possibility of "triggering" other students (causing them to feel uncomfortable and all out of sorts).

SMU later removed the reference to "triggering" when they realized that they were going to be held up to public ridicule.

"The statement alluded to the original wording of the revised policy, saying it “has been updated to better reflect this balance and to remove the poor wording regarding triggering or harmful messages.”

Just what is it that SMU officials feared would "trigger" certain students (and which students)? Was it the sight of 3,000 American flags? Or was it what they were memorializing- the 3,000 people killed on 9-11? Just think: Patriotism and the commemoration of our dead on our own soil is offensive to some people?

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"Dear SMU,

I am writing to protest plans to establish a Holocaust memorial on your campus. As a third generation German-American, I would find such memorial to be triggering to me and it would make me uncomfortable.

Thank you,"

Hermann P. Goering III

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