Friday, August 4, 2017

Maxine Waters Adds Mike Pence to Her Impeachment List

Hat tip Newsmax

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"Stolen horses? We don't need no stinking stolen horses."

Maxine Waters has successfully gotten herself into the headlines with her non-stop "Impeach Trump" campaign, a campaign that is based on zero evidence that the President has committed any crime. Today, Waters was on The View. (How appropriate.) That show has never been known for intelligent discourse. I don't keep track of who the latest gals are, but I note that Joy Behar is still on the "panel". Today, Waters carried her idiocy a step further. She said that if Trump were impeached, the next target should be VP Mike Pence. You can watch the exchange in the below link from Newsmax.

If this were an old Western movie, it would be a case of hangin' the culprits before the horses were stolen. To say that Waters lacks an understanding of the law would be an understatement.

Let me be frank: Maxine Waters is not only an idiot and a woman with no accomplishments as a decades-long member of Congress, she is corrupt in her own right. This is the woman who actually shut down a DEA investigation in Houston centered around a childhood friend of her husband, Sidney Williams.  Mr Williams also benefited from his marriage to Waters when he was involved in a bank (One United)  that benefited from her intercession.

If there is anyone in Congress who should be impeached, it would be Maxine Waters. Not for her stupidity, mind you. That is not a high crime nor a misdemeanor. She is corrupt.

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