Saturday, August 12, 2017

Charlottesville: Wrong on Both Sides

Learning more about the events in Charlottesville, Va today, I think its fair to say that people on both sides of the line came to town bent on engaging in violence. The worst of it was when an unidentified motorist drove a car into a crowd of counter-protesters. At this point, it is reported that one is dead and nineteen injured. It is unconfirmed whether the driver was arrested. It appears obvious that the act was intentional.

First of all, I do not identify in any way with the people who organized this rally, which include David Duke and Richard Spencer as speakers. I have no strong opinion on whether a statue of Robert E Lee should be removed from a local park or whether the park should be renamed-the announced reasons for the rally. It is clear, however, that racism and anti-semitism were on display in this gathering.

It also appears that violence and fighting between the two sides was a case a mutual combat. People on both sides, which includes the odious ANTIFA group on the left, came to Charlottesville looking for trouble. They are all to be condemned.

It is also highly unfair to blame President Trump, which those on the left-including CNN are doing. They are blaming Trump for not issuing a statement earlier. They are pointing out that David Duke invoked Trump's name in his speech about "taking America back." Trump has long since disavowed Duke. As I write, some commentator in New Jersey is speaking on CNN and is attacking Trump for his latest statement in which he condemned the bigotry and violence "on many sides". She was followed by Cornell Brooks, ex-CEO of NAACP, who is accusing Trump of excusing violence from the white nationalists. This is highly unfair. The fact is that people on both sides are  engaging in violence. The worst case thus far (the vehicle attack) has come from the right.

I hope this comes across as clear: I condemn these white nationalists who showed up in Charlottesville to express hate and engage in violence. I also condemn those among the counter-protesters, the ANTIFA types, who came looking for trouble. (I am not lumping all counter-protesters in that group-just the ones who are engaging in violence.) It is also very unfair to be attacking Trump. He has condemned  what is happening on both sides. He has condemned bigotry.

Finally, we need to come together as Americans rather than engage in this nonsense.

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