Sunday, August 20, 2017

California University Professor Reportedly Thinks Some Genocide Can Be OK

Hat tip Gateway Pundit

Ah, the wonders of academic theory, where virtually anything can be excused no matter how evil. Take California State University at Los Angeles professor Mohammed Abed, for example. Apparently, he think even genocide can be excused-even mandated if the victims are white racists.

Being a CSULA alumnus I am outraged. This guy is a professor of ethics and advocates genocide of any class of people? Even if someone is racist, that does not justify murder. let alone mass murder. You can't dredge up American slavery to justify killing white people 150 years after slavery was abolished.
Of course, this Muslim ignores the fact that Muslims in the Middle East are conducting a genocide of Christians and Yazidis as we speak. Without condemning all Muslims, it is high time we recognize that the worst bigotry in the world today is the bigotry of Muslims against non-Muslims.

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