Thursday, August 3, 2017

Australian Town Bans Construction of Synagogue

It Might Be Target of Islamic Terror

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Sharia law has strange ways of becoming enforced in the West (Yes, I know Australia is hardly in the West).

A town in Australia has banned construction of a synagogue because it fears it might become the target of Islamic terrorists.

This case of surrender and submission reminds me how many of our universities (like UC Berkeley) ban conservative speakers. Not because they fear that speakers like Ben Shapiro or Ann Coulter might incite their followers to storm out of  the auditorium and murder anything that moves and is liberal ( a'la certain mosques on Fridays). It is because they know that the radical left will show up and try to shut the event down. It's what is called the "heckler's veto".

In the Australian case, it is called the Islamic veto. Just the knowledge of what Muslim terrorists are likely to do against a synagogue causes the local leaders to deny its Jewish residents a place to worship. Mind you, this is not in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. This is Australia.

Can it be that Australians are becoming like Europeans? Have they decided it would be much more comfortable for the Jews to leave so they can get on and live in harmony with their restive Muslim immigrant community? Do they really believe that is possible? Have they never heard the expression, "First the Saturday people-then the Sunday people"?

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Heckler's veto. Not tolerated in American jurisprudence. Frank Collin can march his Nazis through Skokie, and Jews can build a synagogue. Of course Australian jurisprudence was derived from the British laws we fought a war against.