Friday, August 18, 2017

The Lies Surrounding Trump's Post-Charlottesville Comments

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

For some reason, I have gotten on the mailing list for some left-wing organizations, like Barack Obama's Organizing for Action. The reason I don't unsubscribe is because they often unwittingly give me ammunition to write about the inanities they send me.

Like this from some group called  The Courage Campaign. That's a lafffer  right there, but it gets even better.

From: Susannah Hook-Rodgers, Courage Campaign couragecampaign

Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 2:07 PM

To: (deleted)

Subject: Impeachment

"In only 12 hours, over 50,000 Courage Campaign members voiced the call for Trump’s immediate impeachment. His unwillingness to unequivocally condemn the white supremacists and Neo-Nazis who rioted in Charlottesville this past weekend -- injuring dozens and killing Heather D. Heyer -- proves once and for all that he is unfit to lead our nation. We have catapulted beyond the line of enough is enough. Demand that congress take immediate steps to impeach Trump.

For more, please see William’s email below."

~ Susannah

Dear Friend,

"The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, just defended torch-bearing Neo-Nazis who marched through a university campus to protect a statue of a secessionist traitor, instigated a race riot, and assaulted a crowd of peaceful protesters with a vehicle -- injuring more than a dozen people and killing an innocent woman in the process.(1)

There is no longer simply a legal case to impeach Donald Trump. There is now a moral imperative. Every Republican in the House of Representatives and Senate must now understand this reality. Every day they do not act, they own this President’s actions.

The President of the United States -- the supposed leader of the free world -- just publicly, shamelessly, and embarrassingly stood with the white supremacists and Neo-Nazis who rioted in Charlottesville. Every day the Republican Congress fails to impeach Donald Trump for the crimes to which he’s effectively already confessed -- namely obstruction of justice -- is a day that the Republican Congress endorses this President’s ruinous leadership.

We live in a country where nearly anyone who publicly stands with Nazis would lose their jobs. It’s long past time that Donald Trump should lose his. Today, Courage Campaign calls for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. We will ask every member of Congress to go on record supporting Trump’s impeachment, and we will hold accountable members of any party who refuse the call -- especially Republicans, who so clearly hold the power to impeach.

Sign the petition calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Impeachment is more than a legal process -- it’s a political one. That’s why President Gerald Ford, who completed Richard Nixon’s term when the latter resigned in disgrace, said, "An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history."(2)

Donald Trump has done many things -- from revealing classified information to Russians to openly admitting that he fired FBI Director James Comey in order to obstruct the Russia investigation -- that might merit impeachment on legal grounds.(3) But convincing the Republican House of Representatives to vote to ratify articles of impeachment seemed entirely out of reach -- until now.

Today, Donald Trump gave comfort to Neo-Nazis and white supremacists by once again blaming “both sides” for Saturday’s violence. Trump practically blamed peaceful protesters for being hit by a car when he said, “There is another side. There was a group on this side, you can call them the left. You have just called them the left, that came violently attacking the other group. You can say what you want. That’s the way it is.”(4)

David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader, thanked Trump for the “honesty and courage” it took to blame both sides for Saturday’s ugly violence.(5) Richard Spencer, the white supremacist who coined the term “alt-right” said that “only a dumb person” would believe that Trump was seriously denouncing the racists and anti-semites who terrorized Charlottesville.(6)

Trump’s pathetic moral equivocation that “many sides” were at fault for Saturday’s violence has been condemned by people across the political spectrum, including by Republicans. Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, who leads Senate Republicans’ 2018 campaign efforts, noted Trump’s failure to directly call out Saturday’s “evil” as “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorism.”(7) And Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted that “there can be no moral ambiguity” on white supremacy.(8)

Republicans like Ryan and Gardner talk big now, but they can’t have it both ways. Their words will be empty so long as they continue to support Donald Trump’s immoral presidency through their actions -- and inaction.

Sign the petition calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump."

Yours in the fight,

William Winters


Where to begin? First of all, do these people have any clue as to what is needed to impeach a president? High crimes and misdemeanors-not because you don't like something he said.

But worse is the total mischaracterization of what President Trump has said about Chalottesville in the days after the incident.

"The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, just defended torch-bearing Neo-Nazis who marched through a university campus to protect a statue of a secessionist traitor, instigated a race riot, and assaulted a crowd of peaceful protesters with a vehicle -- injuring more than a dozen people and killing an innocent woman in the process."

"The President of the United States -- the supposed leader of the free world -- just publicly, shamelessly, and embarrassingly stood with the white supremacists and Neo-Nazis who rioted in Charlottesville." 

That is absurd. Trump has been clumsy, to be sure, but he has not defended the people who put on that rally in Charlottesville-though he has said that some people who were present on both sides were innocent. More importantly, he has condemned the KKK and neo-Naxzis. he has condemned David Duke-as he did repeatedly during the campaign after Duke endorsed his candidacy. He has condemned racism. What more can he say?

"Every day the Republican Congress fails to impeach Donald Trump for the crimes to which he’s effectively already confessed -- namely obstruction of justice -- is a day that the Republican Congress endorses this President’s ruinous leadership."

What?! The attorney general has announced that they are investigating the car attacker, James Fields, and any associates who may share in his crime. Where is the obstruction?

"Today, Donald Trump gave comfort to Neo-Nazis and white supremacists by once again blaming “both sides” for Saturday’s violence. Trump practically blamed peaceful protesters for being hit by a car when he said, “There is another side. There was a group on this side, you can call them the left. You have just called them the left, that came violently attacking the other group. You can say what you want. That’s the way it is.”

It is a fact that two groups of people traveled to Charlottesville to do battle on the streets. There was the racists and anti-semitic forces of David Duke and other speakers like the despicable Jew-hater Chris Cantwell, and the leftist forces of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. There was mutual combat on both sides. While ANTIFA did not directly kill anybody (like Fields), anybody who was fighting and engaging in violence that day has blood on his or her hands for the two police officers who died in the helicopter crash. As he often does, Trump did not choose his words carefully, but there was guilt to pass around that day.

Let me be clear: Even if I thought that  a statue of Robert E. Lee should be left standing, I would not have joined that rally once I knew that people like Duke and Cantwell were involved. Once you see someone holding a Nazi flag, it is time to turn around and go home.

That being said, it is outrageous to see this tragic event being used to hammer President Trump. He may have many faults, but he is not a racist, and he is not an anti-semite. This man has been in the public spotlight for 4 decades, and he was not known as a racist. It is an unfair charge. Worse yet, aside from this silly group that calls itself courageous, our mainstream media is resorting to the same tactics. It is beyond disgraceful.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Second Attack Near Barcelona

Fox News is reporting that Spanish police have killed a group of terrorists in a separate terrorist attack in Cambrils (near Barcelona).

Here is what El Pais is reporting:

In essence, initial reports by Spanish police say that a van driven by several men ran down people in Cambrils. Two are seriously injured and three lightly injured. Three of the four attackers were killed and a fourth injured.

Cambrils is located south of Barcelona near Tarragona.

Update: Police confirm four dead terrorists. They cannot approach the van for fear that suicide belts worn by the attackers  may explode.

What the Hell Is Going On With Minneapolis Police?

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

The city of Minneapolis is already dealing with the highly questionable shooting death of a woman by police officer Mohamed Noor, who was widely heralded as the city's first Somali cop.

Now a new controversy has erupted over another new hire, Ahmed Jama. His wife has filed a complaint charging that the night before his swearing in, he threatened to shoot her in the head.

Sleep well, Minneapolis. Sharia will be strictly enforced.

CNN: "Is Barcelona a Copycat Attack of Charlottesville?"

Image result for who's on first?
"Do you think those guys in Barcelona were copying the guy in Charlottesville?"

This was the conversation today between CNN's Wolf Blitzer and correspondent Jim Sciutto actually speculating as to whether what happened in Barcelona today was a copycat version of what happened in Charlottesville.

Are these guys smoking their socks at CNN?

For the benefit of these two journalists who should know better, Islamic terrorists pre-date the attack in Charlottesville. They have been doing it in London, Nice, Israel, Berlin and Stockholm. Excuse me if I have left a few out. For these two characters to imply or even speculate that the Barcelona attackers got their inspiration from James Fields in Virginia is downright stupid.

Europe Has Been Hit Again (Barcelona)

Viewer warning: Graphic images

Atropello en la Rambla de Barcelona, en directo
-El Pais

The fashionable Las Ramblas area of Barcelona is the scene of a horrific vehicle attack on a  crowd of pedestrians. It is early evening in Spain. According to multiple reports, a van crashed into a crowd of pedestrians. Gunshots were also fired. At this point, between 10-13 people are reported dead, and two suspects are at large possibly holed up in a bar. Spanish police have confirmed this is a terror attack. There may be a second van involved.

Update: According to El Pais, the renter of the vans is this person:

"La furgoneta utilizada en el atentado fue alquilada por Driss Oukabir, en la localidad de Santa Perpetua de la Mogada, según la identificación realizada por la Guardia Civil."

The van used in the attack was rented by Driss Oukabir in the locality of Santa Perpetua de la Mogada according to identification made by the Civil Guard (National Police).

Una furgoneta arrolla a varias personas en La Rambla de Barcelona

-El Pais

Oukabir is reportedly of Moroccan origin and from Marseilles. He is believed to be living in the area of Girona, Spain. (Update: The reference to Marseille appears to be erroneous. El Pais now reports he was born in Morocco.)

The below video from El Pais is graphic.

Fox News reports that Oukabir's Facebook page shows him ranting against Israel's treatment of the Palestinians. The page has been taken down.

The below video comes from Vlad Tepes. It shows a suspect being arrested while a police officer searches his bag. A female voice is saying, "Look-the weapons." The caption reads, "(They) arrest one of the terrorists of the attack at Barcelona."

At this point, it appears at least two persons were involved, Oukabir, who is in custody, and a second man who tried to crash a police roadblock some distance away, initially escaped and was found a short distance away in a white Ford  Escort either shot to death or having shot himself. El Pais reports the arrest as having taken place at Vic. According to Fox News, the figure of 13 dead includes the dead suspect. Over 80 people are hospitalized, 15 in grave condition.

Update: As usual, initial reports tend to be wrong. Two people are now reported to be in custody, but the actual driver of the van is reported to be on the loose. Police say the man who died after trying to crash a roadblock is believed not to be involved. Further, police say that Driss Oukabir has reported his ID stolen possibly by his younger brother. Finally, police are tying the incident to an explosion at a house near Barcelona the previous evening that killed one person.

While We Are Taking Down Statues....

Image result for statue of robert c byrd
Statue of West Virginia Senator Robert C. Byrd 
in the West Virginia state capitol building

While we are taking down statues, may I suggest the statue of West Virginia Senator Robert C. Byrd (deceased). The above statue stands in the rotunda of the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston. (That's in West Virginia for all you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies and History of Consciousness majors.)

Byrd, who was a Democrat, was once a member of the KKK. Not just a member, mind you, he was a kleagle, which meant he was responsible for recruiting. He also had a a history of openly racist utterances during the course of his life. In addition, he filibustered against the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

And while we are condemning President Trump for his statements about the Charlottesville riot, maybe we should condemn someone else for her glowing statements about Byrd, the man she called her mentor. And who might that be?

But don't take my word for it. 

But you won't hear about this on CNN.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Italian Protest

Several thousand people staged a protest in front of Ventimiglia town hall, last week, to call on Italian authorities to take measures against the erection of a shelter for migrant minors in the city. They argue that suitable facilities exists and they shouldn't have to pay to build a new one. The below video was translated by Yours Truly for Vlad Tepes.

This is just one of many issues that the residents of this town on the Italian-French border on the Mediterranean are upset about. Since last year, migrants have been camped out near town trying to cross over into France.

Somali Refugee Tries to Behead Cop

Where have we read this before?

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

KPD Facebook Just Ducky
"I saw the whole thing."
"So did I."

It's the same old story. A Somali refugee, this time in Washington State, has been shot dead while trying to behead a cop with a sword.

Some day a light bulb will go off in the collective heads of our Western leaders, and we will stop bringing these Somalis to the US, Canada and Europe.

Too many bad hombres among them.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Trump Stirs the Pot Again

No matter what President Trump says about Charlottesville, the media is going to attack him. True, the President handles these situations clumsily. He lacks the nuance that experienced politicians can utilize in addressing volatile topics. The left wing media has been banging away at him because for a couple of days, he didn't specify his condemnation of white supremacist groups like the KKK and neo-Nazis, both of whom were involved in the Charlottesville riots. Then he condemned both, but it wasn't enough to satisfy the clowns at CNN and MSNBC. Today, during a press conference, Trump waded in again condemning the leftists who came to Charlottesville looking for trouble (ANTIFA) and saying that some of the "alt-right" protesters were there for legitimate reasons  (protesting against the removal of a stature of Robert E. Lee).

The media is having a field day.

Technically, Trump is right. ANTIFA should be roundly condemned for their role in the violence. Have you seen the video of one of them going after a man with a blow torch? That should not be condemned? The media is ignoring the role of ANTIFA in the fighting. If Trump is at fault for not being strong enough in his condemnation of white nationalists, the media is saying nothing about ANTIFA and what they did on that tragic day.

It must be pointed out, however, that ANTIFA didn't (directly) kill  anybody in Charlottesville. A woman was killed by a car driven by a neo-Nazi.As for the two cops who died in a helicopter crash, everybody engaged in violence that day has blood on his or her hands.

It may be true that some in the "alt-right" (whatever that means) crowd were there simply to defend the statue of General Lee. Whether that statue should be taken down and the park re-named is a matter for the locals to work out. But I myself would not participate in any event where David Duke was speaking. The opportunistic Duke pounced on Trump's words today thanking him in  a tweet for "speaking the truth" or something like that. It just gave more ammunition to the media to savage Trump.

I firmly reject the notion that Trump is a racist. Unfortunately, he is not the most  eloquent person in the world. We should worry less about that and more about rejecting the extremists in our society-on both sides.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Unlawful Mosques in Milan

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

I lived in Milan, Italy for 5 years. You have to understand how the city is laid out. It is a city of apartment buildings. There are virtually no streets with houses like we have in North America.  The buildings  typically are controlled by electronic gates and tiny parking garages for the cars.  Underground in cellars are storage areas for the residents. Each household would have a small dark  room for storage.  Now imagine if hundreds of people who don't live in your apartment complex have somehow gained access to the key to the complex and are entering and going down into the storage area at all hours of the day and night. What is this all about? Imagine that your apartment building has been taken over by Muslims in order to use your space to conduct their daily prayers and even set up an Islamic school. That is precisely what is happening in Italy's large cities like Rome and Milan. In the below report, one of these places is exposed.

The below-linked video was translated by your truly and put into sub-titles by Vlad Tepes. You will see in the Gates of Vienna that we have previously reported on this same make-shift mosque.

Why are the authorities not doing anyhting about it?

Some Lessons From Charlottesville

This article was first published by New English Review.

We have not heard the last from Charlottesville. On the contrary, we will be hearing about it for years. It will be the central theme of interfaith events far off into the future. It will be part and parcel of liberal media talking points about the dangers from the right. In short, the entire conservative movement will be demonized by the words and deeds of the followers of David Duke and Richard Spencer. How do we conservatives deal with what happened this week in Charlottesville?

As a conservative, and a white one at that, I reject people like Duke and Spencer. Since I am no white nationalist, they do not speak for me. I have learned to live with people of other skin hues (including my wife) ever since I was a young man.

In addition, I do not consider the crowd that showed up in Charlottesville to be conservative. There is nothing conservative about a Nazi flag, of which at least one was documented in the so-called pro-white rally. Nor does conservatism identify with the Confederate flag. Nor does conservatism identify with a torchlight procession, which occurred the previous evening on the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville. When white nationalists walk around at night holding torches, it brings back memories of the KKK, an organization that also participated in the rally as did neo-Nazis.

I could and should point out that the despicable leftist and anarchist ANTIFA crowd was present on the other side and engaged in fighting and throwing of objects just as did the white nationalists. Unfortunately, their presence and their deeds will be ignored by the media and the left. But it wasn't ANTIFA that drove a car into a crowd of people injuring some 20 and killing one. It was a Nazi sympathizer named James Fields.

I have written often about the absurd demonization of white people on college campuses in recent years. Whites on campus are portrayed as being inheritently racist and privileged. Some knucklehead students and even faculty have suggested that white people need to disappear from campus and from the world. Even genocide against whites has been suggested by a few whacked out professors. If there are two groups who are under siege in academia, it is whites and Jews. In that respect, I strongly maintain that modern anti-semitism comes mostly from the left-married to pro-Palestinian and Islamist forces. Yet there were Nazi flags being waved by white nationalists in Charlottesville.

In response, my message has not been that whites need to arm themselves and fight back with hate and violence. My message is that whites in America are not the enemy of non-whites-with the obvious exception of those who showed up to rally in Charlottesville and listened to the words of Duke and Spencer. We are part of the solution if we all sit down and talk civilly to each other and express our concerns openly but again, civilly.

We all need to condemn what happened in Charlottesville. President Trump was correct when he condemned the violence and bigotry that came from "many sides"-as inartfully as he may have expressed it.   He has now unequivocally condemned the white nationalism of Duke and Spencer. Liberals should also condemn the actions of ANTIFA.

Liberals and conservatives must take back the discourse that is being dominated by the extremes. When either side drifts so far to the left or right, they  both become fascist and are no longer recognizable as liberals or conservatives.

Sex in Morocco

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Morocco World News

Image result for laughing donkey
"Revenge is sweet."

You can't make this stuff up, Folks. In Morocco, 15 teenage boys wound up being treated for rabies after they had sex with an infected donkey.  That's right. And this is straight from the horse's donkey's mouth (No pun intended).

Just think. In the Netherlands, they prosecuted politician Geert Wilders for rhetorically asking a crowd if they wanted "more Moroccans or fewer Moroccans" in their country. (The answer was "fewer". They have a problem with Moroccan immigrant crime there.)

So if you happen to be visiting Morocco, beware of those cabbies who promise to take you someplace where you can have a good time. Just make sure he stays within the city limits.

That's all. I'm out of jokes for this article.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

An Earlier Call for Killing of Jews and Christians

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

As we protest against the vicious and genocidal words of Imam Ammar Shahin at the Islamic Center of Davis, in which he invoked the hadith regarding the Day of Judgment when "Jews will hide behind trees and the trees will call out, 'Oh Muslim. There is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him," we would do well to remember that Shahin did not invent these words. They are being heard in mosques around the world every day.

In 2102, Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick invoked similar language when he called on Allah to cleanse Al Aksa (mosque in Jerusalem) from the"filth of the Yahud" (Jews). He then called for Allah to cleanse Afghanistan and Iraq from the "filth" of the unbelievers.

This is not just some obscure preacher. He is a senior member of the Canadian Council of Imams. This language runs throughout Islamic texts. This is the language of mainstream-not radical- Islam.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Charlottesville (Cont)

Image result for university of virginia

The death toll is now three; a woman killed by  a motorist who drove his car into a crowd of counter protesters and two killed in a police helicopter crash. What a dark day in Charlottesville. This is the place where I received my masters degree from the University of Virginia in 1993.

I am also alarmed at the march that took place last night on the same UVA campus by these white supremacists. It may have been peaceful, but the imagery was troubling. The use of torches raised ugly visual reminders of the old days in the South when the KKK would gather at night for their demonstrations using torches.

President Trump was correct when he pointed out the hate and violence coming from both sides. However, he needs  to specifically address the obvious white racism the next time he addresses this incident. I suggest a televised speech to the nation. Perhaps, with a prepared address he can address both sides. White people are, indeed, being demonized especially on college campuses, where some knuckleheads among students and even faculty are saying that whites must disappear-even die.

That, however, is no excuse for engaging in street brawls even if the other side, made up of Black Lives Matters, ANTIFA and others were equally at fault for the fighting. It is no excuse to drive a car into a crowd of counter protesters. The events of today led directly to the deaths of two police officers in a helicopter crash that was covering the incidents.

Everybody in our society needs to take a step back and contemplate what happened today in Charlottesville.

Charlottesville: Wrong on Both Sides

Learning more about the events in Charlottesville, Va today, I think its fair to say that people on both sides of the line came to town bent on engaging in violence. The worst of it was when an unidentified motorist drove a car into a crowd of counter-protesters. At this point, it is reported that one is dead and nineteen injured. It is unconfirmed whether the driver was arrested. It appears obvious that the act was intentional.

First of all, I do not identify in any way with the people who organized this rally, which include David Duke and Richard Spencer as speakers. I have no strong opinion on whether a statue of Robert E Lee should be removed from a local park or whether the park should be renamed-the announced reasons for the rally. It is clear, however, that racism and anti-semitism were on display in this gathering.

It also appears that violence and fighting between the two sides was a case a mutual combat. People on both sides, which includes the odious ANTIFA group on the left, came to Charlottesville looking for trouble. They are all to be condemned.

It is also highly unfair to blame President Trump, which those on the left-including CNN are doing. They are blaming Trump for not issuing a statement earlier. They are pointing out that David Duke invoked Trump's name in his speech about "taking America back." Trump has long since disavowed Duke. As I write, some commentator in New Jersey is speaking on CNN and is attacking Trump for his latest statement in which he condemned the bigotry and violence "on many sides". She was followed by Cornell Brooks, ex-CEO of NAACP, who is accusing Trump of excusing violence from the white nationalists. This is highly unfair. The fact is that people on both sides are  engaging in violence. The worst case thus far (the vehicle attack) has come from the right.

I hope this comes across as clear: I condemn these white nationalists who showed up in Charlottesville to express hate and engage in violence. I also condemn those among the counter-protesters, the ANTIFA types, who came looking for trouble. (I am not lumping all counter-protesters in that group-just the ones who are engaging in violence.) It is also very unfair to be attacking Trump. He has condemned  what is happening on both sides. He has condemned bigotry.

Finally, we need to come together as Americans rather than engage in this nonsense.

The Incident in Charlottesville

I was just alerted to what is happening in Charlottesville, Va by my cousin who lives in North Carolina. I had not been aware of the rally in the first place so I am still trying to get my arms around what the whole thing is all about.

I don't know who the counter protesters are though I suspect ANTIFA is present. I don't know who started the violence. Just let me say at this point, that I am no white nationalist. I am an American nationalist. I have said repeatedly that I am against this demonization of white people in general that we have on-going on college campuses. That is no excuse for white nationalism, however.

Hopefully, order will be restored quickly and appropriate arrests will be made.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Why Are We Surrendering to Islamic Religious Propaganda?

Hat tip Gatestone Institution

The Times of Israel

This week, I cross-posted an op-ed by Nonie Darwish in the Times of Israel Blogs.

Fallout in Davis Continues Over Imam's Jew-Hating Sermon

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

Image result for imam ammar shahin
Ammar Shahin
"Oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him."

On Wednesday, August 8, a demonstration was held in Davis, California calling for the removal of Imam Ammar Shahin from the Islamic  Center of Davis after his genocidal call for the murder of Jews in a recent sermon.

As long as this mosque continues employing Shahin, I will assume that secretly-in spite of the apologies- that they subscribe to what he said. After all, Shahin was quoting from a well-known hadith that quotes the Prophet Mohammad as making the exact same statement. It is quoted so often, we must assume it is a valid hadith.

Math Is Sexist and Oppresses Women?

Hat tip Daily Caller and Legal Insurrection

That's what a Vanderbilt professor named Luis A. Leyva thinks. Legal Insurrection has the story (originally from Daily Caller).

I don't know what to make of this other than I have long suspected that too many college professors are dedicated to making students think that 2+2= 5. Once you turn out a generation of college graduates who buy into that, you've conquered America.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Congressman Brad Sherman Calls for Ouster of Davis (Ca) Imam

Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) has called for the Islamic Center of Davis to fire  Imam Ammar Shahin for his anti-Jewish sermon.

I would go further. I would deport the whole bunch associated with this guy.

Paris Attacker Identified

This picture is believed to show Hamou Bachir, 36, the suspected terrorist shot and arrested in connection with this morning's attack in Paris, which saw six soldiers injured when a BMW mowed down their patrol
Hamou Bachir

The man who drove a vehicle into a crowd of French soldiers in Paris yesterday was apprehended  and is now identified (Hat tip Vlad Tepes). He is a 36-year-old Algerian.

Motive? Jihad.

CNN "News" Trump Aides "Rattled" by Manafort Raid

According to CNN "Sources"

Today, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin was headlining a "breaking" story in which, according to unnamed sources, reported that Trump aides were rattled by the FBI raid on the home of one-time campaign director Paul Manafort.

Take a moment, Dear Reader, and let that sink in.

Is this news? How much weight would you give a report like this? If say, unnamed sources told CNN that Trump were having an affair, or that he had asked Mike Pence to resign as VP, that might be worthwhile if CNN considered its sources as being solid. But this?

In fact, a lot of people are rattled by the raid on Manafort's home, which occurred one day (July 26) after he had briefed members of Congress on whatever they wanted to know about allegations against him vis-a-vis the Russians and any possible collusion with them by Trump campaign members. But no matter. I don't know any more than  you do about what Manafort may or may not have done.

CNN, however, is reaching for straws to fill its daily menu of anti-Trump "news'. To follow up with that tasty morsel, Baldwin then brought in some guy who produced a film called, "Get Me Roger Stone" about a Washington-insider who reportedly arranged for Manafort to take over as Trump's campaign director in place of Corey Lewandowski. Manafort denied that Stone had anything to do with it.

Like who cares?

At that point, CNN mercifully  switched to a State Department briefing, in turn interrupted by Trump's live press conference on the White  House lawn.

This is the network that calls itself, "The most trusted name in news", which is a joke. Even if that report is true, it's just another form of fake news. It's about as useful as saying Trump passed gas in the company of Angela Merkel. So what if it's true or not true?

How desperate is our media to take down the President? Now that's news.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Guilty-18 Convicted in Britain Sex Grooming

First row: Nashir Uddin, Taherul Alam, Mohammed Hassan Ali, Mohammed Azram, Monjur Choudhury, Saiful Islam. Second row: Abdulhamid Minoyee, Jahanger Zaman, Mohibur Rahman, Prabhat Nelli, Nadeem Aslam, Eisa Mousavi. Third row: Habibur Rahim, Badrul Hussain, Carolann Gallon, Abdul Sabe, Redwan Siddquee, Yassar Hussain

First row: Nashir Uddin, Taherul Alam, Mohammed Hassan Ali, Mohammed Azram, Monjur Choudhury, Saiful Islam. Second row: Abdulhamid Minoyee, Jahanger Zaman, Mohibur Rahman, Prabhat Nelli, Nadeem Aslam, Eisa Mousavi. Third row: Habibur Rahim, Badrul Hussain, Carolann Gallon, Abdul Sabe, Redwan Siddquee, Yassar Hussain Photograph: Northumbria Police/PA

Another sex grooming case has reached its conclusion, Seventeen men and one woman have been convicted of sexual grooming-victimizing young British girls and luring hem into a life of prostitution.

This is not an isolated case. This is going on all over Britain.

There Are No "Talking Points" for Law Enforcement

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

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As a retired Drug Enforcement Administration agent, I am taken back by the revelations this week that the FBI asked the Department of Justice for "talking points" in connection with the efforts of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) to obtain documents created by the FBI pertaining to the June 2016 meeting between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton during the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.

ACLJ has released over 400 pages it has finally obtained from the FBI, which show an alarming amount of back and forth between the FBI and DOJ about the Lynch-Clinton meeting even before ACLJ sent in its FOIA request.last July. Yet, in October, ACLJ was advised that no documents existed. Eventually, we learn that over 400 pages of correspondence, in fact, existed, which are now in the hands of ACLJ-albeit heavily redacted..

Also troubling is the FBI's request to DOJ for guidance in responding to press inquiries and DOJ's giving the FBI "talking points" pertaining to the Lynch-Clinton matter. (Said talking points have been redacted from correspondence turned over to ACLJ.)

Talking points?

Excuse me, but talking points are something that bureaucrats and diplomats do especially when they are trying to cloud an issue. Law enforcement has no business dealing in talking points. They deal in facts. Quite often, law enforcement must refrain from letting certain facts out into the public in order not to compromise an on-going investigation. That is different. Usually, the police officials can be up front with that when they decline to answer a reporter's questions regarding an investigation.

When I was serving overseas with DEA and working at an American embassy/consulate, I had occasion to see State Department cables that listed "talking points" about one matter or another. This meant that this is what the receiving party was expected to say publicly about a particular matter. It wasn't necessarily false information; call it "spin" if you will. When you use the term, "talking points", however, you are not dealing in unvarnished truth and straight facts, at least that is the implication. The most charitable thing I could say about talking points is that it represents one's position on a matter. An example of a government talking point would be something like, "We take seriously any allegation of wrong-doing by any of our personnel."

The Lynch-Clinton meeting on a Phoenix airport tarmac raised questions as to whether "the fix was in" concerning the FBI investigation. James Comey's subsequent press conference in which he "exonerated" Mrs Clinton after laying out a pretty good case against her only compounded the controversy.

And if all that is not bad enough, we learned that Lynch was at some point added to the email distribution under an alias-Elizabeth Carlisle (her grandmother's maiden name)! Not only was Lynch using a secret email account to conduct government business, but this appears to directly contradict her sworn testimony before Congress that she had never done anything of the sort.

And of course, ACLJ has also learned that our trusty news media was only too willing to help bury the story as revealed in the just-released documents.

It is troubling that organizations like ACLJ and Judicial Watch have to go to court to enforce compliance with lawful FOIA requests. It involves a lot of time and money. The Lynch-Clinton matter is not a case of national security or even an on-going investigation as far as I can tell. If the matter is closed, the information sought by ACLJ should be turned over unredacted-talking points and all.

French Terror Attack:Motive "Unknown"

"The motive of the attack is still unknown,...."

It's still the same old story. A motorist rammed his car into a group of French soldiers in Paris today. It was deliberate. He was captured. It's being investigated as an act of terrorism, which means that even though his name has not been released, you can be sure it's not Pierre Larue, and yet the the motive is unknown.

This is clearly a case for Inspector Clouseau. Maybe he can unscramble these letters.

H   A  J  D  I

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"Another clue, please."

OK. Why do you think France is officially under a state of siege?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

San Francisco State Univ. Hillel Improperly Excluded From Event

Hat tip Jewish News of Northern California

"It came out much later that SF Hillel was deliberately barred because of “its demonstrated record of suppression of student rights, including advocacy for justice in Palestine,”

The bad news out of San Francisco State University just keeps coming. Thanks to student groups like the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS), the anti-Israel agitation of Palestinian professor Rabab Abdulhadi, and the ineptitude, willing or otherwise of President Les Wong, Jewish students have been almost completely marginalized.  Now a 5-month investigation the university has concluded that Hillel, the Jewish student support group, was improperly shut out from a campus civil rights information fair.

It is the never-ending incidents like these-targeted at Jewish students - that has led to a lawsuit being filed by The Lawfare Project against SFSU. Hopefully, there will be more against other universities that allow their pro-Palestinian activists (students, faculty or otherwise) who trample upon the rights of others.

Monday, August 7, 2017

An Interview Between Vlad Tepes and the Counter Jihad Coalition

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Yesterday, I posted a report on an incident that occurred Saturday at the Cerritos Mall in Southern California, in which members of the Counter Jihad Coalition were confronted by angry, shouting Muslims because they (CJC) were distributing literature about Islam.

Below is a link to an interview of CJC's Steve Amundson by Vlad Tepes blog. In this video, Amundson describes the events of last Saturday. I encourage the reader to watch this interview and see how sharia law is worming its way into our society. Amundson's First Amendment rights were shut down by a few unruly Muslims because the mall manager and the local law enforcement refused to defend them. They were clearly intimidated by the Muslims.

Stay tuned because this story is far from over.

When Will Europe Say, "Enough"?

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

For years, we have watched unbelieving as virtually every Western European country has been deluged with immigrants, migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees from the Middle East and Africa. They are predominantly young, unaccompanied men and predominantly Muslim. In the name of humanity, diversity and the naive belief that they need young workers to support their welfare states in the face of their own declining birth rates, European leaders have opened the floodgates. It has resulted in a catastrophe.

Where to begin? Let's start with terrorism. France, Belgium, Sweden, the UK and Germany have suffered serious terror attacks. More will come. Thousands of European Muslims have run off to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS.  Many have returned to Europe and are walking the streets of large European cities waiting to apply the killing skills they have learned The Molenbeek quarter of Brussels is a center of radical Islamic activity and a center for terrorists in hiding.

Then there are the common criminals. European cities, once considered safe compared to US cities, are safe no more. There are no-go zones, quarters and suburbs of large cities where non-Muslims dare not enter. Even the police and fire services don't go unless they have strong back up.

Rapes are spreading across Europe at an alarming rate. Sweden is the rape capital of Europe, but Germany threatens to catch up. Who can forget the mass sexual assaults that took place a year and a half ago at Cologne's Central Train Station? And the perps? Well, the authorities and the media are loathe to identify them lest they spread "Islamophobia", but the offenders are usually men from Muslim countries. Afghanistan is the leading supplier of sexual offenders in Europe. Yet newspaper accounts refer to them as "youths" or in Germany as "Southerners". If you couldn't read between the lines, you would think the bad guys were Bavarians in lederhosen and funny green hats.

Every week, thousands of mostly young, single men are picked up off the coast of Libya by the Italian Navy and NGO ships belonging to organizations like Doctors Without Borders and other groups, some connected to George Soros and brought to Italian ports. They are taken in, sent off to various parts of the country, and placed in empty hotels or refugee centers until the authorities can figure out what to do with them. Meanwhile cities like Rome, Naples and Milan are teeming with migrants. The Italians, like other Europeans, are having a fit, but nobody in government will listen to them. In Milan and other cities, hundreds of Muslim migrants show up in the cellars and parking garages of private apartment complexes to conduct their prayers at all hours of the day and night.

And what can you say about Germany? Angela Merkel has taken the lead in flooding Western Europe with anybody who can show up and urging other countries to do the same. In certain cities, Germans have stopped going out at night as the newcomers have taken over the streets. German women are publicly urged to dress modestly to lessen the chance of being raped. Public swimming pools are no longer safe. Yet, as the rape victims and the murder victims pile up, Merkel plunges blindly ahead insisting, "Wir schaffen dass." (We can do this.)

Meanwhile, in Jolly Olde England, militant Muslims create their own sharia-enforced zones, while Anjem Choudary (now in prison) and his followers promise that Britain will become Muslim and live under Sharia. Just across the English Channel, thousands of migrants are trying to smuggle their way into the country hidden in trucks.

It goes on and on; Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands-they are all trying to deal with the problem-except doing what is necessary: Close the borders.

And they have the backing of the European Union (EU), which wants more and more and more people to come and destroy their member countries-or so it seems.

Interestingly, it is the Eastern European countries, principally Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia- recent members of the EU- who are refusing to accept these people. They want no part of the insanity, and they are resisting the EU's demand to accept their "fair share". The EU is threatening them with retaliation if they don't cave in. Thus far, they have not.

What is clearly needed is for the conservative opposition parties, which have been founded as a result of the immigration crisis and overbearing control of the EU, to be elected to run these countries and stop the madness. To be sure, they have risen in popularity and in countries like The Netherlands and France, are now the second strongest parties (Dutch Freedom Party and French National Front respectively). But second place is not enough. As long as the current parties remain in control in Western Europe, the protests of the people are being ignored-and in some cases met with legal action including fines and prosecution.

Europe is disappearing before our eyes, and it may already be too late to save her. It's a shame, but at the least, it should be a lesson for America.  Immigration has until recently, been good for America, and even in Europe there are established immigrants who have assimilated and contributed to the country-as we always expected. What is happening now in Europe is something entirely different.