Monday, July 3, 2017

UC Irvine's Confronting Anger and Hate Videos

On May 1, an event was held at UC Irvine entitled,"Confronting Anger and Hate". I attended the event and videotaped it. I also had a chance to ask Orange County imam Muzzamil Siddique about his practice of allowing the UCI Muslim Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine to use his Garden Grove mosque to assemble their mock apartheid wall for their annual May anti-Israel week of events. Siddique, of course, evaded the question entirely.

Today, I received three video segments of the event from Ms. Susan Coons of UCI. The videos contain some editing, and I assume for legitimate reasons. I do note however, that while my question to Siddiqi was not edited, nor his "answer", Dr Thomas Parham's repeating my question to Siddique was edited out. I am sure there is no malevolent motive involved. I do wonder, however, why in the UCI video, one cannot hear an audience member in the back calling out for Siddique to "answer the question." It can be heard in my video (above link, 4th clip down at .58 seconds). That part of Siddique's comments came at the 49:02 mark of the third UCI video below.

I assume there is a legitimate reason why, "Answer the question" is not heard. It probably had something to do with the position of the microphones.

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