Thursday, July 20, 2017

UC Berkeley Shuts Down Ben Shapiro Speech

Hat tip Campus Reform

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UC Berkeley has shut down another conservative speaker invited to appear at its campus. This time it is conservative pundit Ben Shapiro.

UCB is not shutting this down because Shapiro is some sort of hate-mongering radical. He is a conservative and a supporter of Israel. That is what makes him unwelcome at Berkeley. The other factor is not what Shapiro might say or his supporters might do, it is what the leftist crazies on campus and the surrounding community are likely to do-riot, beat people up, and destroy property. God forbid that the cowardly administrators would send out the campus police to protect people's First Amendment rights and arrest those who commit crimes. That's not what UCB does; what UCB does is shut down any speech that doesn't conform to political correctness.

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