Monday, July 10, 2017

The UC Irvine May 10 Disruption: Three Organizations Weigh In

Hat tip Algemeiner

As UC Irvine continues to look into the May 10 disruption of a pro-Israel event (at which I was present and videotaped), three pro-Israel organizations have claimed that the disruption broke laws. Algemeiner has the report.

Was there a violation of the law? Once again, I link the report I did after videotaping the disruption. You be the judge.


Miggie said...

The UCI administration seems to believe they can avoid breach of fiduciary duty allegation by claiming they saw no evil or heard no evil. Good luck kicking the issue down the street again.

Gary Fouse said...

The problem is their asst vice chancellor saw the evil. He was present. The incident was videotaped by yours truly, who provided it to the university.

Stand by and wait and see.

Miggie said...

UCI's Chief Enforcement Officer was also present for the Galloway fund raiser for HAMAS on campus. He didn't see anything wrong at all.
I'm willing to wait and see on this one too, only problem is that I have only so many years left to wait.... as does everyone else.