Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Latest "Injustice" at UCLA: Spatial

Social justice, environmental justice-where will it all end? At UCLA, another "quality" course has been added. This has to do with "spatial justice". Rather than me trying to explain it, I will leave it to Heat Street.

Being a native of Los Angeles, let me say something about those areas "cut off" from the rest of the city by those freeways, which according to this theory, are tantamount to a modern day version of the Alps. It's called underpasses and overpasses. For example, while driving west or east on the Santa Monica freeway, you can exit at, say, Western Avenue and go either north or south. Conversely, if you are driving east on Western and arrive at the same freeway, the street doesn't come to an end. It goes right on below the freeway to the other side. So nobody is cut off from anything. This is just one example. It's true everywhere you go. I dare say it's even true in Chicago.

If these learned professors would venture out of their Westwood ivory tower and get in their cars (if they know how to drive), they could drive around and discover this all for themselves.

"I must be coming up on one of those freeways, by Jove."

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Squid said...

When one thinks he or she has seen everything, someone comes up with a newbee. "Spatial Injustice" is the newest form of CaCa. A Professor needs a coulee pf new classes and invents a new "Injustice", with no real research or data. It is the how you feel science, just like Global Warming. Off anyone out there thinks Spatial Injustice is real, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. UCLA should be ashamed of itself with this trash.