Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Swedish Insanity

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Fjordman

Asylum-seekers in Sweden

Count the women and children.

Fjordman is the nom-de- plume of a Norwegian writer who was studying Arabic in Egypt until he saw Egyptians celebrating on 9-11. He returned home and began writing about the dangers of Islamic immigration into Europe. Since then he lives under the threat of death from militant Islamists as well as prosecution from his own government for what they deem as hate speech.

In this article which is posted in Gates of Vienna, Fjordamn writes about the non-stop insanity of Sweden, a nation hell-bent on national suicide.

Ingmar Bergman could not have thought up a more insane scenario than this. The only difference is that this story has a lot more action-murders, riots, rapes-you name it.

“The Swedish Green Party has a vision of a world without borders, where all people can move, but no one is forced to flee. We don’t believe in countries’ right to choose their citizens; we believe in people’s right to choose where they want to live. We should greet people with opportunities, not with walls. Everyone should be able to live, work and realise their dreams where they want to. Freedom of movement should be a human right.”[4

And this: 

"The Minister also claimed that there is “no direct link” between migration and terrorism.[5]"

Wow. That's like saying there was " no direct link" between Nazism and the Holocaust.

Image result for the three little pigs and the big bad wolf

"I got an idea. Why don't we invite the Big Bad Wolf to come live with us? What could possibly go wrong?"

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