Saturday, July 15, 2017

"Sharia Law Is Perfectly Compatible With American Law"

Hat tip Gatestone Institute and Creeping Sharia

That's what Muslim propagandists in the US will tell gullible audiences. I have personally heard it from the mouths of Muslim imams and their non-Muslim apologists including certain politicians and high-ranking police officials.

It is untrue. Here is what we can expect if Sharia law ever gains a foothold in America-as it has in the West.

Now that we have gotten the Berlin situation out of the way, let me back up the statement I made in the first paragraph. In February 2012, I attended a town hall hosted by the Islamic Center of Orange County in Garden Grove, California. The host was none other than Imam Muzammil Siddiqi. Also present as panelists and speakers were Andre Birotte, Jr. then US Attorney for the Southern District of California, Representatives, Judy Chu (D), Maxine Waters (D), Loretta Sanchez (D), LAPD commander of the Counter Terror Unit Michael Downing, then LASD Sheriff Lee Baca and others. They told us that sharia law was compatible with US law.

As you can see, it was a real all-star cast. The non-Muslim people on that panel were as blind as Angela Merkel is today in the face of the horror that is going on in Germany.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Yes, the Soviet Union had problems with this sort of thing -- women who were educated returning home to conservative Muslim areas only to be chopped up and sent back in baskets. This is not "law," this is vigilante gangs, or a bit like all Italian immigrants being under the "protection" of the local Mafia don. Organized crime is organized crime, whether the dons worship at a mosque or at a Roman Catholic church. The argument about "Sharia law" having some sort of official standing in the courts is a different one -- and a ludicrous one. It doesn't matter if this or that version of Sharia is compatible with American law. To the extent it is, it won't be interfered with, and to the extent its not, it will be suppressed. In either case, it has no standing as law.

Squid said...

Frankly speaking, I grow very tired of politicians and ranking officials stating that Sharia is compatible with the US Constitution. They are not compatible. These elected politicians and ranking officials are either ignorant or trying to deceive the public. Any time these individuals try to tell you that Sharia and our US Constitution are compactable, your answer is BS.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Could you elucidate on that Squid? There isn't a precise definition of "Sharia" to base a finding that it is or isn't compatible. Its not even on the same plane.

Gary Fouse said...

Allow me to elucidate and Squid can also answer.

Sharia law is designed to govern the lives of Muslims in minute detail. It also intrudes upon the rights of non-Muslims in a Muslim-majority society.

A woman's testimony is worth one half that of a man. If a woman is raped she needs four male witnesses to back her claim. Otherwise, she is subject to prosecution for adultery.

In a MUslim-majority country, the rights of non-Muslims are defined as dhimmi status. They are second class citizens while being allowed to practice their religion.

Under Sharia, apostates are subject to the death penalty.

Since Sharia defines the rights of members of society, there are punishments for transgressions. The most problematic part is hudud sharia- Crimes against God. This includes adultery, blasphemy and homosexuality. These are punishable by death, and these punishments are affirmed by all the leading schools of Islamic law.

This is why sharia is incompatible with US laws.

Gary Fouse said...

Siarlys, I would also refer you to the book, Reliance of the Traveler. I believe it was written over 100 years ago by an Islamic scholar. It outlines sharia law very well. It is considered by Muslims to be the "go to" guide for adherence to sharia.