Tuesday, July 25, 2017

School System in Massachusetts Teaching Pro-Islam, Anti-Israel Propaganda to Students

Hat tip Legal Insurrection and CAMERA

I hope someone is keeping a nation-wide file on this indoctrination that our schools are carrying out when it comes to Islam. After all, it's a national problem. If it were just a case of teaching kids to respect the religious beliefs of others, that would be one thing. Teaching them outright false information is quite another. In addition, now we have a school district in Newton, Massachusetts that also teaching kids that Israel is carrying out all kinds of human rights abuses-charges they can't back up.

I'm not asking that school districts teach the awful truths about Islam or take Israel's side in that conflict. Let the kids grow older and learn from world events what Islam is all about. It should suffice to teach kids to respect other people's religious beliefs. Eventually, they will ask why Islam doesn't respect their beliefs.

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