Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pity Poor Steven Salaita: Retiring From Academia

"Rejected on Four Continents"

Poor little Stevie Salaita. The professor who blew a job offer from the University of Illinois after he blabbed on social media wishing "all settlers would go missing" after three Israeli teens were kidnapped in the West Bank (They were later found murdered) has now given up academia after failing to get any job "on four continents". His farewell note is a study in self pity (even though he says he won't slosh around in self pity). Inside Higher Education has the sad tale.

Maybe all those universities decided they had no use for a professor who has a track record of suing universities as he did the University of Illinois after they rescinded their job offer.

I say good riddance to this jerk. Or maybe he could always try for that 5th continent. I hear there's plenty of opportunities in Antarctica.

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