Thursday, July 6, 2017

Maxine Waters Attacks Ben Carson

Nobody has ever called Maxine Waters a brain surgeon. Thus, it is strange that she would attack someone who is-like Ben Carson. Once again, Waters showed her hypocrisy and lack of class when she told an audience in Gardena, California Saturday that she would "take his ass apart" the next time Carson comes to testify in Congress. Waters told her audience that Carson had no concern for the housing of Americans. (Carson is secretary of Housing and Urban Development.)

That led to Tucker Carlson responding on his Fox News show on Wednesday by pointing out some inconvenient facts about Ms. Waters.

If you are asking how Waters can reside in a $4.8 million home which isn't even in her district, you need look no further than her husband, Sidney Williams. True, the Waters/Williams team represents a nice two-income family, but there has been a tad of controversy regarding Mr. Williams in the past.

At any rate, Waters isn't going to take anybody's ass apart. She is no match for Dr Carson. After all, he has a brain and knows what it is there for.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Dr. Carson may well be a competent, even a brilliant, neurosurgeon. I have no reason to doubt it. However, as a candidate for president, he was a competent neurosurgeon. As a political commentator, he is a competent neurosurgeon. When he opens his mouth on any other topic, he betrays ignorance of facts, disregard for truth, incompetence to lead or manage, an easy target to be taken apart in front of a congressional committee, on any subject but neurosurgery.

Gary Fouse said...

At least there is one field he is not ignorant in-unlike Maxine Waters, who is ignorant in everything.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

And you know this how?

Gary Fouse said...

From listening to her over many years including once in person. She is God awful.