Saturday, July 22, 2017

Linda Sarsour Now Feuding With Jake Tapper

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Muslim activist Linda Sarsour is getting her 15 minutes of fame this year. She loves being in the public spotlight but can't take the hear that goes with it. Now she is feuding with CNN's Jake Tapper over her tribute to fugitive cop killer Joanne  Chesimard aka Assata Shakur, currently residing in the workers' paradise of Cuba.

I will avoid speculating on the Tapper /Jewish aspect of the above article since I am not knowledgeable to comment. What stirs my anger is Sarsour's admiration of Chesimard. The feminist defense of Sarsour that she was merely paying tribute to Chesimard's exposure of sexism in the black nationalist movement is laughable. To me, Sarsour is despicable. She is a public figure, yet she threatens to sue anyone associated with the recent "slurs" against her "good name". Add me to that list Ms. Sarsour.

I don't always agree with Tapper, but I give him kudos on this one. This is a test for progressives. How can they continue to laud this vain and vile woman?

Linda Sarsour can parade around in her fashionable hijabs all day long, but to me she is just another dime-a-dozen anti-semite/anti-American, Islamic supremacist masquerading as a progressive. Her liberal defenders need to wake up to what would happen if Sarsour's beloved sharia law were to ever gain supremacy in this country.

Sarsour is now in serious running for the Fousesquawk 2017 Golden Penguin award as "Jerk of the Year".

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