Thursday, July 20, 2017

Is Italy Importing AIDS Into the Country?

Along with all the other social and economic burdens plaguing Italy with the arrival of thousands of migrants every week from Africa, it seems another dangers they are facing is AIDS. Here is my translation of an article by Il Giornale.

Migrants, the complaint to the government: "There is a risk AIDS among Nigerians"

Of the more than 80 thousand Nigerians arrived, more than 15 thousand could be HIV positive. The complaint of FDI: "The government says it was for prophylaxis to protect
Italians ."

"The government does not underestimate another serious problem regarding the emergency of  immigration in Italy" .

While the ports of southern Italy are filled with thousands of newly arrived immigrants, the deputy of the Italian Brothers, Edmondo Cirielli, launches a new, ominous warning that, at least until now, had not been taken into account. "Those who land on Italian shores - he points out - come primarily from Nigeria, the second country, after South Africa, with the largest number of people living with AIDS ". He now wants to know whether the government is doing something to prevent, or at least monitor this risk.

Supposedly, according to estimates, at least 20% of the Nigerian population is HIV positive. And, calculates Cirielli, "because in the last three and a half years more than 80 thousand Nigerians have arrived, it is assumed that more than 15 thousand of them are  HIV positive". Nigeria is, moreover, the fourth country in the world for  tuberculosis and 22% of people with this disease live with HIV. "This is a very serious situation when you consider that too many people are not in treatment," says the representative of the Italian Brothers who, at this very hour, has submitted a parliamentary question to know "what initiatives the government intends to take to ensure the safety and health of members of law enforcement, volunteers and all those involved in the landing and rescue operations on our shores and in the immediate following phases ".

Cirielli wants to know from the  government,  "if unions of all workers and cooks of the military who intervened at the time of landing and throughout the national territory" have been informed of the risk of contracting HIV "since you are multiplying acts of delinquency of immigrants " . "The government of the Democratic Party Renzi - concludes the exponent of Italian Brothers - says it is for the prophylaxis ,to protect all Italian citizens"

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