Sunday, July 16, 2017

Drexel "White Genocide" Professor Interviewed by Campus Paper

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"Yee gads! Where did we find this guy?"

You may recall the story about George Ciccariello-Maher, a Drexel University professor who put out all kinds of nonsensical and outrageous stuff on social media about wishing for a white genocide for Christmas and his revulsion at seeing a man give up his first class seat on a plane to a servicemen.

Yeah, that guy.

Well GC-M has given an interview to the campus paper (The Triangle)  in which he explains his statements and how he feels. The College Fix has posted it. I have added my two cents worth in the Triangle reader thread.

This is what I wrote in the Triangle reader thread:

"I do not consider myself a white supremacist or white nationalist, but as one who taught at a major California university for 18 years, I say that Drexel should be embarrassed that this misfit is teaching there. He is entitled to express his views and we are entitled to express our opinion of them.
It is sad that this man has so little love for his country. It is sadder that he poisons the minds of our students. Even sadder is that there are so many like him in our universities."


Siarlys Jenkins said...

The real lesson is that rational political discourse cannot be fit into 140 characters. Tweets should not be taken seriously, by those who send them or those who receive them, and serious political controversies should not be the subject of tweets. Hopefully Twitter will go bankrupt soon, because it has never made money, and its hard to believe significant advertising revenue ca be generated around something so small. Who will ever read the ads? What advertiser will expect significant sales from such a venue?

Whether this man had a mind capable of anything more than twittering is, on its face, difficult to assess.

Squid said...

How is "White Genocide different from Jewish genocide or Armenian genocide or Christian genocide?! This genocide spewing Drexel Professor posses a threat to white students and civilians and this vitiates any free speech rights. If a white student is killed by a person who is influenced by this dangerous hate monger, the Professor and Drexel may face indictment for complicity in such a crime.