Sunday, July 16, 2017

Attention Dog Owners: Your Pets May Offend Someone

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If you are in Austria, that might mean any Somalis living nearby. That's what an Austrian dog owner learned the hard way. Gates of Vienna has the report.

Muslims have an aversion to dogs because their religion teaches them they are unclean. OK. I personally don't care if Muslim countries have one single dog in them.

But we do. And we are not going to change that because certain immigrants have objections to dogs. Frankly, I am getting a little tired of these kinds of demands being placed on us because certain things we do (like drinking alcohol or eating pork) offend some Muslims. In this Austrian case, this young Somali woman used violence to make her point. This is unacceptable. Hopefully, she was arrested. Hopefully, she will have her residence permit pulled and she will be sent packing. Of course, we know that won't happen.

Here's hoping this is the next dog this woman encounters.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Personally, I would be happy if pressure from any quarter, Muslim or not, could get dogs banned nationwide. They are a nuisance and a public health hazard.

Gary Fouse said...

Now I know what your true name is-Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I don't like cats either. I don't care that there are pictures of a smiling Lenin with cats on his lap. No animals in the house.

Gary Fouse said...

I respect your choice of lifestyle.