Saturday, July 29, 2017

Another Jew Hating Sermon: Riverside Mosque

Hat tip MEMRI

"Oh Allah, liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque and all the Muslim lands from the unjust tyrants and the occupiers. Oh Allah, destroy them, they are no match for You. Oh Allah, disperse them, and rend them asunder. Turn them into booty in the hands of the Muslims."

One would think that the Islamic Center of Riverside (California) Mosque would watch its language after one of their worshipers was involved in the horrific 2015 massacre that took 14 lives in neighboring San Bernardino. Yet, as the nation's attention was directed at the words of an imam at the Islamic Center of Davis, in which imam Ammar Shahin invoked the hadith of hate that demanded death to Jews of the Day of Judgment, another imam in Riverside, Mahmoud Harmoush, had similar words to say about Israeli Jews in the wake of the strife on-going at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem,

Let me be clear: These words are not just being spoken in Syria, or Saudi Arabia, or Iran, or the West Bank. They are being spoken in Riverside, California, just as the call to kill Jews was spoken a week ago in Davis.

This is what is coming out of too many American mosques, and it needs to be halted.

I ask you: Where are the congregations marching out of these mosques in protest? Where are the million-Muslim marches in America against this speech?

These imams if they are not American citizens, need to be deported. If they are naturalized, they have received their citizenship under false pretenses because they are against American freedoms. They should have their citizenship revoked and be deported a'la Rasmieh Odeh.

In addition, mosques where this type of speech is emanating need to be investigated not only by the FBI, but also by IRS and their tax-exempt status revoked.

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