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Why I Can't Support the Palestinians

Below is my latest posting for the Times of Israel  Blogs..

Time for Heads to Roll at State Department

This is an example of the "Deep State" that exists within our government-holdovers from the Obama administration. Here we have the State Department-supposedly in a Republican administration- removing all references to the ISIS genocide against Christians and Yazidis. It is shameful.

It is time for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to intervene  immediately and correct this. If he does not then I must assume it reflects his own thinking. In that case, President Trump should fire him.

Under Obama the neglect of Middle East Christians was shocking. To think it would continue under Trump is disappointing to say the least.

The Silencers Complain About Being Silenced

I just came across the below link via the blog site, Campus Watch. They have seen fit to respond to accusations of engaging in censorship against people in academia who support the Palestinian cause against Israel. The referenced article is from the blog site Mondoweiss, a rabidly anti-Israel site that I give no credibility to whatsoever.

In this posting, Mondoweiss is publicizing a new book entitled, "We will not be silenced: The academic repression of Israel's critics". This book, edited by UC Santa Barbara professor William Robinson and Maryam Griffin, with a forward by-are you sitting?- Cynthia McKinney and forward by Richard Falk,, argues that on American university campuses, those who support the Palestinian cause are under attack and being silenced by supporters of Israel. Naturally, Mondoweiss supports the book's claims.

As a former teacher at the University of California at Irvine and one who has been involved in the campus strife between Israel and Palestinian supporters, as well as seen and heard some of the people mentioned, I feel compelled to respond.

Let me begin with one of the editors ( I am not familiar with Griffin.). William Robinson is one of so many Israel-haters infesting our college campuses. He was involved in a controversy at UCSB over emailing his students his personal views on Israel. I heard him speak once in 2010 at UC Irvine, and during the q and a, I told him that I didn't consider him a teacher or a professional, rather I considered him an indoctrinator. He said not one word in response.

What can you say about the former congresswoman from Georgia, Cynthia McKinney? She has blamed Jews for her re-election defeat and joined with George Galloway in his Viva Palestina cruises to Gaza. That she could write the forward to any book is a joke. The woman is just plain dumb. She is so dumb that when she spoke at UCI (2009) and I asked her if Jews cost her her congressional seat, she played right into it and quoted the words of another anti-semitic former congressman, the corrupt Gus Savage of Chicago.

Then there is Richard Falk, professor emeritus from Princeton and former UN special rapporteur for human rights the Palestinian territories who has blamed all the ills of the Middle East on Israel. Even the Obama administration disowned his findings for the UN on the last Gaza conflict in December 2008-January 2009.

Let me now address some of the writings in Mondoweiss in support of the book's thesis of Palestinian supporters in academia being repressed. In fact, it is the pro-Palestinian lobby that holds sway throughout academia from the West Coast to the East Coast. Middle Eastern studies departments are dominated by pan-Arab, anti-Israel and anti-Western professors. At the student level, Muslim Student Associations and their sister organization, the brown-shirt Students for Justice in Palestine, have succeeded in making the Israel-Palestinian conflict one of the most emotional hot button topics in universities. Pro-Israel groups and conservative groups hold events at their peril. They are almost surely to be protested and loudly disrupted. I know this from personal experience. Just last May 10, I attended a panel discussion at UC Irvine by five Israeli Army reservists, which was loudly disrupted by SJP and others causing the campus police to be called and the audience and panelists to be escorted from the venue. A similar event was disrupted at UCI in May 2016 by SJP et al. Yet, Mondoweiss has this to say:

"There are many ways to try to silence people whose ideas you don’t like. You can bully, blackmail, violate, isolate, punish, and smear them until they shut up, back down, and/or lose the platform upon which they were speaking.
It’s not just autocratic despots or crooked attorneys who wield such strategies with tyrannical efficacy. The forces of the pro-Israel lobby have long carried out systematic campaigns of vilification and repression with a pugnacious energy that rivals even the mob’s. Anyone in the public eye who dares to level a critique of the State of Israel could find themselves targeted. And if you are a prominent and vocal Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) activist: fuggedaboutit."
When it comes to bullying and mobs, it is invariably the pro-Palestinian side that engages in it. I have never witnessed similar action by pro-Jewish students. They are generally loathe to confront the bully boys (and girls) of Hatem Bazian's SJP. Bazian, a UC Berkeley professor and Islamic activist, co-founded SJP.
"This climate of censorship is especially hard felt on college and university campuses where a historic upsurge in successful pro-Palestine activism has led to a corollary increase in McCarthyist pressure by the dozens of Zionist organizations who have formed into a network called the Israel on Campus Coalition. Characterized by their shameless meddling in internal university proceedings, well-organized groups like the AMCHA Initiative, Stand With Us, Campus Watch, Canary Mission, and ADL are the most visible tip of a slander-industrial complex whose mission is to purge professors and students who challenge their own narrative."
While I belong to none of the above groups, I do collaborate from time to time with Campus Watch, AMCHA Initiative, and Stand With Us. I don't know why ADL is mentioned since they rarely get involved in issues where anti-semitism comes from Islamic quarters. They certainly have been missing in action at UC Irvine. Campus Watch reports on professors who use their bully pulpit to push their own personal, anti-Israel agendas. When appropriate, they report the sayings or writings of individuals and refute them point by point. They do not try to silence them. The AMCHA Initiative is dedicated to fighting campus anti-semitism. When students like those of the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) at San Francisco State University display posters lauding the killing of Israelis or videos fantasizing about slitting the throats of Israeli soldiers, AMCHA writes letters to the university to complain and ask for a safe environment for Jewish students. When Professor David Klein of Cal State Northridge ( mentioned in this article) used  the university server to post his anti-Israel propaganda and disseminate it around campus, the AMCHA Initiative complained that this was a misuse of university resources. Mondoweiss is correct that CSUN supported Klein and disregarded the complaints.Apparently, they agree with Klein's views on Israel or just don't care if their university server is used for personal agendas. The salient point here is that when professors or students enter the public/political arena to lobby for causes, those who disagree have a perfect right to express their disagreement. I have accused many professors of being embarrassments to their institutions, but I have never called for one to be fired-or silenced. Our side-unlike theirs-believes in free speech. We reserve the right to argue with it.


"With more than a dozen essays by some of the luminaries in the movement such as Richard Falk, Saree Makdisi, Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi, Nadia Abu El-Haj, Steven Salaita, Joseph Massad, members of the Irvine 11, and many others—”We Will Not Be Silenced” serves as an instructive compendium of the pro-Israel lobby’s bag of underhanded tricks and an invaluable playbook for how to preempt and defeat them."

Let me tell you about some of these "luminaries". (Falk I have already mentioned.)

Saree Makdisi of UCLA is one of a team of Israel-hating professors within the UC system. I have heard him speak twice at UC Irvine. On the last occasion, in 2016, he mischaracterized the US State Department  definition of anti-semitism as defining any criticism of Israel as being anti-semitic (not true). 

Rabab Abdulhadi of SF State is the mentor of the GUPS students who have caused so much tension on that campus. Recently she has come under fire for traveling to the Middle East on university funds to attend a conference in Lebanon, which never materialized. Instead, she went to the Palestinian territories and met with her allies dedicated to Israel's destruction. Most recently, she was instrumental in arranging for SFSU to sign a collaboration agreement with An Najah University in the West Bank-described as a breeding ground for terrorists. Abdulhadi was supposed to appear with her GUPS crew at UCI in May of 2015. However, when I showed up with my video camera and the university backed my refusal to turn it off, Abdulhadi and her little rascals never materialized. The table and chairs on the stage sat empty as a hurried Skype telephone conversation was arranged with some Palestinian guy in Washington DC. I didn't bother to film because it was such a nothing burger. The highlight was when he blew cigarette smoke into the screen while answering a question.

Steven Salaita is the professor whose hiring at the University of Illinois was canceled because he had sent out some social media message about hoping that "all the settlers go missing" when the news broke that three Israeli teenagers had been kidnapped on the West Bank. They were later found dead. Salaita has sued UI, and last heard from he was teaching in Lebanon. He is no luminary other than his notorious social media comments.

Joseph Massad of Columbia University is one of the leading anti-Israel academics in the country-for whatever that's worth. As to the quality of his scholarship and teaching ability, I have no idea.

Then there is the Irvine 11. These were the UCI and UC Riverside Muslim Student Union members who disrupted and attempted to shut down the speech of the Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, at UCI in 2010. I was there and witnessed the whole sordid event. Much to their surprise and amazement, these so-called martyrs were arrested, prosecuted and convicted. Of course, they and their supporters, like Mondoweiss, argued that they were merely expressing their free speech. Nonsense. I have been to many of these events, and I know the ground rules. You let the speaker(s) speak and you can ask questions and challenge them in the q and a. These young men purposely violated that rule as they had planned to do. Their intent was to stop Oren from giving his speech. 

"In their helpful opening essay, David Theo Goldberg and Saree Makdisi discuss the alarming implications of the Hasbara Handbook that is distributed by organizations like StandWithUs to help train pro-Israel campus activists to be effective propagandists. The handbook explicitly encourages its acolytes to avoid legitimate argument and debate with pro-Palestinian activists in favor of deceitful strategies like point scoring, emotional manipulation, and name calling—to create negative connotations “without allowing a real examination of that person or idea.”

Goldberg is a UCI professor who specializes in critical race theory (whatever that is), and is also on the anti-Israel lecture circuit. He is originally from South Africa, but thinks the US is a racist society. As for the Hasbara Handbook, I have not seen it, but its suggested tactics don't sound nearly as ominous as the tactics of SJP and Jewish Voice for Peace-which is to disrupt pro-Israel events. In 2014, a SJP document surfaced from their State University of New York at Binghamton chapter that outlined disruption as just such a tactic to be  utilized.


"David Delgado Shorter, whose only “crime” was to offer his students the option of researching the BDS movement as a case study in his “Tribal Worldviews” course, survived a demoralizing ordeal at UCLA at the hands of AMCHA that included death threats and false accusations of anti-Semitism that damaged his professional and personal life."

I don't know  anything about death threats, which I would naturally condemn, but it seems all these people get death threats, but nobody is ever charged. But I digress. In 2012, UCLA reprimanded Shorter for using his official class website to call for a boycott of Israel. Mondoweiss makes no mention of that.

Similarly, Mondoweiss makes no mention of why complaints were made against Cal. State Northridge professor David Klein who was using his university server to voice his personal views about Israel.

"David Klein, a math professor at Cal State, Northridge and prominent BDS activist, was subjected to a similar coordinated campaign of censorship that stretched out for years and may not even be over yet. Unlike most of the scholars in this collection, Klein was fortunate that Harry Hellenbrand, the president of CSUN at the time, was an outspoken supporter of Klein’s academic freedom."


"What is especially disturbing is the alacrity with which many upper administrators quickly cave and often collude with pressure groups who have no interest in research and knowledge production, but rather have a vested interest in censorship and knowledge suppression."

That's a classic. The reality is that university administrators are terrified of the pro-Palestinian forces on campus, largely because many Muslims are involved., Thus, MSA and SJP get away with all sorts of disruptions, bullying and intimidation of pro-Israel students. Look no further than UC Irvine, where I taught part-time for 18 years. They are still trying to figure out how to deal with the latest SJP disruption on May 10-after they gave a warning letter to them for their May 18, 2016 disruption of an Israeli event. In addition, we have documented countless incidents of disruption and intimidation of Jewish students at universities across the country-especially within the University of California system, in which little to no punitive action was taken. The simple fact is that this type of disruption and thuggery is rarely practiced by Jewish and pro-Israel students or faculty.Yet when our side complains about anti-semitism, bullying, and abuse of university resources to advance personal political agendas, these crybabies claim they are being silenced or repressed. Nonsense.

"The Israel on Campus Coalition has shown few scruples about smearing its opponents as supporters of terror, self-hating Jews, or anti-Semites. Groups like AMCHA, Hillel, StandWithUs have worked with political allies around the clock to cement the erroneous notion that opposition to Zionism is tantamount to anti-Semitism, and that a hatred of Israel’s policies of racism, ethnic cleansing and dispossession is the same as hatred of Jews qua Jews."

First of all, if they are complaining about Hillel, they are really reaching for straws. Most Hillel chapters I have seen-especially at UCI- pressure the students to not get involved in the polemics. AMCHA does not classify mere opposition to Israel as anti-semitic, but points out that the US State Department definition of anti-semitism does include certain types of opposition to Israel, such as denying Jews the right to their own state, equating Israelis with Nazis, and assigning blame for Israel's policies to all Jews.

"Given the horrific history of anti-Semitism, and the deplorable reality of its continued existence, even among some who identify as “supporters” of Palestinian rights, the grave charge of anti-Semitism is not to be taken lightly. As several of the essayists in this book point out, this highly fraught context gives the lobbying groups the perfect straw-man weapon to combat its opponents; and they wield it with a vengeance, in reckless disregard of the lives and livelihoods ruined in the process, and in reckless disregard of the important task of defanging the real anti-Semites."

Let me address that as a gentile. Over the past decade, I have personally seen and heard anti-semitism at UC Irvine which went far beyond criticism of Israel into damning Jews as people. I have documented it on my website and in conjunction with others have researched incidents at many other universities. It is legitimate to criticize Israel's policies though I do not accept Mondoweiss's charges of racism and ethnic cleansing. To me, Israel is a nation under attack and trying merely to survive, but they will fight back. As Jews they know the lesson of history if you don't fight back.

I do not question the right of faculty and students to express their views about Israel under the First Amendment. However, when they cross the line from mere criticism of Israel into anti-semitism, we have the right to object. When professors misuse their position as faculty and utilize university resources, such as school servers to spread their personal political views, we have the right to object. When groups like SJP use tactics of disruption, bullying and intimidation against supporters of Israel, we have the right to object.

Contrary to what Mondoweiss claims, Israel's enemies dominate the discourse on college campuses. For the purveyors of this book and Mondoweiss to claim victim status is laughable. But that's what happens when the bully is finally confronted and challenged.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Chechen "Code of Honor"

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

One of the more prominent problem groups among refugees and asylum seekers in Germany are the Chechens. Toughened by years of fighting against the Russians, coupled with rigid Islam, they are causing more than their share of problems for the overwhelmed German police.

They also enforce their own sharia within the Chechen community in Germany as shown by the below article in Gates of Vienna.

Just another problem for Angela Merkel to deal with.

"What problem?"

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Swimming Crisis in Sweden

Hat tip Fria Tider, Mad Magazine and the great Don Martin

Image result for don martin cartoons

Sweden has a  problem with immigrants who don't know how to swim. The problem seems especially acute among the newly arrived immigrants. The below article is from the Swedish blog, Fria Tider. The translation is mine.

Many Immigrants Cannot Swim

Published July 23, 2017 at 12.06

DOMESTIC. Many newly arrived immigrants who come to Sweden can not swim. At the same time, statistics show that drowning accidents in the country have increased in recent years.
"We only want to swim with women or in full clothing," says an Ethiopian woman to SVT.


The acquaintance of newly arrived immigrants is often very low. They can not swim and go to sim school in Sweden.

But immigrant women have another problem. Because of their culture, they do not get or do not want to swim with men.

"We can not mix with others if we do not have full clothing and there is no full cover swimwear available here. We want to swim only with women or in full cover clothes, "says Badria Othman from Ethiopia to SVT News Western Norway.

Last year, Örnsköldsvik municipality started a swimming lessons for just new arrivals. But then only foreign men came and this year the interest was low. 

SVT couples the low level of swimming ability among immigrants with the increased number of drowning accidents in Sweden.

According to statistics from the Swedish Lifeguard Society, drowning accidents have increased "markedly" in Sweden, SVT writes.

Between 2007-2011, 63 people drowned in June. But between 2012-2016, 75 people drowned, an increase of 25 percent.
According to the Lifeguard Society, there are "major shortcomings" in the swimming of immigrants.

Swedish Refugee Blues

Hat tip Fria Tider

As if the wave of migrants, asylum-seekers, refugees and pan-handlers hasn't brought enough problems to European countries, many of the shelters set up to house these people wind up going up in flames. Many of the tenants take out their grievances by setting fire to the facilities. Here we have one such case in Sweden. The below article is from the Swedish blog, Fria Tider. The translation is mine.

Asylum seeker tried to  set fire to his asylum home

A 20-year-old man in Kramfors has been arrested on suspicion of arson since he set fire to an asylum residence, writes Allehanda. The man himself should have been living at the home.

It was at 1 pm on Thursday that a fire started indoors at an asylum residence in the municipality of Kramsfors.

The fire was able to be put out and later a 20-year-old man was arrested suspected of having set the fire at the home.

"It is a man who is arrested suspected of igniting fire on an (housing) accommodation by lighting fire to a curtain, initially said prosecutor Jens Göransson to Allehanda.

According to SVT News Västerbotten , the man himself was living at the asylum home and after being arrested for probable reasons suspected of arson. The fire involved danger.

The police had several interrogations with the man and during Friday a detention hearing was held at Ångermanlands District Court.

The 20-year-old must have acknowledged that he set fire to the  asylum housing but does not consider it to be classified as arson.

No person was injured in the fire.
The suspect man is now arrested.

This is one of the many cases in Sweden where asylum seekers themselves set fire to their asylum residence.

Time Magazine's Dishonest Cover

Image result for donald trump jr on time cover

There he is, Folks: Public Enemy Number One, Donald Trump Jr. caught red-handed. The President's son is on the cover of Time Magazine, not like Barack Obama was for so many years-in such a positive light, but in dark shadowy hues, with the title, "Red Handed" emblazoned across the cover. Trump Jr. you see was caught red handed.

But doing what?

He met with a woman who said she had dirt on Hillary Clinton. (Who didn't?). He even said, on an email before the meeting, "I love it."

By now, we all know the story of the Russian woman who managed her way into a 20-minute meeting with Trump Jr. I ask you: What is the crime? If there is a crime, where is the proof? I mean it's not like we have a live mic running while Obama is telling the Russian president, "Tell Vladimir that after the election, I can be more flexible". Now that was red-handed. Neither Time nor anyone else in the mainstream media made a big deal out of that.

Nor did they have one word to say when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed off on a deal that surrendered 20% of America's uranium supply to Russia while the relevant business interests were pouring millions into the Clinton Foundation coffers and Bill Clinton got a $500,000 speaking gig in Moscow to boot.

No red-handed there.

Trump Jr has stated that he met with the woman for 20 minutes and broke it off when she showed that she had nothing of interest. Should he have used more sense and checked with his lawyers first, perhaps even notified the FBI? Sure.

But just what is the crime here based on what we know?

Time, of course, is very clever. The cover alone conveys guilt. The black and white photo, the "red handed" caption backed up by email texts across the cover. Don't even bother to read the story inside, Folks. One glance at the checkout stand is enough to convince your average soccer mom that Donald Trump Jr. is guilty.

But of what?

I wish I had a dollar for every time when I was a DEA agent, I had to sit and listen to some crank "walk-in" informant rattle off some cock and bull story about drug dealing that was totally worthless or plain BS. Nobody ever put my photo in grainy black and white on the cover of Time Magazine, however.

Muslim Reformers and Apostates

Muslim reformer Shireen Qudosi (The Qudosi Chronicles) has posted a fascinating article on apostates from Islam in India.

What is impressive here is the willingness of a Muslim reformer to listen to the voices of those who have chosen to leave Islam.

The Qudosi Chronicles site is linked here at Fousesquawk, and I encourage readers to visit her site.

More Hillary-Huma EMails From Judicial Watch

Image result for crooked hillary

"In July 2009, in reference to the US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, Clinton Global Initiative head Doug Band told Abedin that she “Need[s] to show love” to Andrew Liveris, the CEO of Dow Chemical. Band also asked for Liveris to be introduced to Hillary, “and have her mention both me and wjc”.  Dow gave between  $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.  Band also pushes for Clinton to do a favor for Karlheinz Koegel, a major Clinton Foundation contributor, who wanted Hillary Clinton to give the “honor speech” for his media prize to “Merkel.”

The emails reveal that on June 19, 2009, Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, passed a long a letter for Hillary Clinton for Clinton donor Richard Park.  Park donated $100,000 to Bill Clinton as far back as 1993 and is listed by the Clinton Foundation as a $100,000 to $250,000 donor."

Judicial Watch has received more emails that Hillary Clinton previously failed to turn over. Many of them involved Clinton Foundation hack Doug Band and Hillary's State Department confidante, Huma Abedin. They show the familiar pattern of corruption that existed between then-Secretary of State Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. It was clear that major donors to the Clinton Foundation were granted special favors and access to the State Department. This latest batch consists of 448 pages.

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Palestinians Riot, Kill in East Jerusalem

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

With a special comment by Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA)

In case you have not  noticed, the Palestinians are doing again what they do best: Murder and riot. This week's events went something like this: Arab Gunmen attacked  the Temple Mount area of Jerusalem killing two policemen. Israel responded  as civilized nations do by installing metal detectors in the area. The Palestinians reacted as they usually do. A teenage Palestinian snuck into an Israeli home in the West Bank and killed three Israelis on Friday. Meanwhile, the Palestinians were demonstrating, praying in the streets, and rioting as you can see above.

ISIS Fighters Try to Avoid "Dragnet"

Hat tip Daily Mail (UK) and Vlad Tepes

If you are wondering how all those ISIS fighters are trying to escape the recaptured Iraqi city of Mosul, here is how: By masquerading as women.

In one image, a fighter forgot that not shaving his facial hair off would be a problem as he attempted to dress as a woman to flee

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The "men" of ISIS

Image result for joe friday laughing

"Just the facts, "Ma'am."

A French Cop in Exile: Sebastien Jallamion

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and Ava Lon (translation)

If you think freedom of speech exists in Europe-think again. Consider the case of Sebastien Jallamion, a French cop who lost his job and was sentenced to a fine of 5,000  euros or 6 months  in prison for the crime of....

posting a picture of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in  cross hairs on Facebook. Jallamion is now living in Switzerland.

Linda Sarsour Now Feuding With Jake Tapper

Image result for linda sarsour

Muslim activist Linda Sarsour is getting her 15 minutes of fame this year. She loves being in the public spotlight but can't take the hear that goes with it. Now she is feuding with CNN's Jake Tapper over her tribute to fugitive cop killer Joanne  Chesimard aka Assata Shakur, currently residing in the workers' paradise of Cuba.

I will avoid speculating on the Tapper /Jewish aspect of the above article since I am not knowledgeable to comment. What stirs my anger is Sarsour's admiration of Chesimard. The feminist defense of Sarsour that she was merely paying tribute to Chesimard's exposure of sexism in the black nationalist movement is laughable. To me, Sarsour is despicable. She is a public figure, yet she threatens to sue anyone associated with the recent "slurs" against her "good name". Add me to that list Ms. Sarsour.

I don't always agree with Tapper, but I give him kudos on this one. This is a test for progressives. How can they continue to laud this vain and vile woman?

Linda Sarsour can parade around in her fashionable hijabs all day long, but to me she is just another dime-a-dozen anti-semite/anti-American, Islamic supremacist masquerading as a progressive. Her liberal defenders need to wake up to what would happen if Sarsour's beloved sharia law were to ever gain supremacy in this country.

Sarsour is now in serious running for the Fousesquawk 2017 Golden Penguin award as "Jerk of the Year".