Saturday, June 24, 2017

Univ. Delaware Professor Says Otto Warmbier "Got What He Deserved"

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Katherine Dettwyler

Is there no end to the hateful, despicable comments coming out of the mouths of college professors these days? University of Delaware Professor Katherine Dettwyler said on Facebook that Otto Warmbier, the college student who died after being imprisoned in Korea, "got what he deserved".

Yes, Dr Dettwyler. Otto Warmbier was white. He was rich and privileged. He was clueles (sic). He was (according to your implication), a rapist too. And it was all the fault of his parents who raised him that way.

It may or may not be true that Warmbier was caught trying to swipe a propaganda  banner as a souvenir, but that doesn't justify his death as Ms. Dettwyler seems to believe.

Should we blame your parents for raising you to be so heartless to make such comments about a young man who died under brutal conditions in a North Korean prison? I wonder what kind of sickness pervades American universities these days that such comments have become the norm, not just coming from students but professors, the so-called adults who are supposed to know better and set the example.

We, as a society, seriously need to take stock of our university culture. We cannot continue to entrust our children to these misfits who have PhDs attached to their names.


Squid said...

It appears if one wants to get a decent education at a college or university, the applicant will have to vet the Professors. This unfortunately is the state of higher education in America. My daughter was in a Sociology class and shared her course requirements and assignments with me. I researched the authors in her readings. All were either Progressives, Socialists or Marxists. I told her that her Professor was a Marxist and how to snooker this Marxist. At the end of the course, the Prof announced she was a Marxist. Dah!


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Mixed bag here, as is usual with such controversies. The young man may well have brought on his legal difficulties by trying to swipe a banner as a souvenir. I would be hard put to justify physical mistreatment that puts one in a coma as the deserved punishment. A week in a jail, or a month at hard labor maybe. Or, what happened to the days when communist authorities demanded a public apology, and then let the person go?

I can well imagine that any professor has students who think they can coast and get an A without doing any real work. I doubt very much that ALL of them are rich, white, or male. And the connection to swiping a banner as a souvenir is tenuous, to say the least. Its an amazing fact that people who lapse into little delinquencies between the ages of 15 and 25 have parents who have raised them in all kinds of different ways, but gosh darn it all, the adolescents are going to act out now and then on the way to gaining life experience.