Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Evergreen Takeover

Hat tip Campus Reform and The College Fix

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Speedy the Geoduck
ESC mascot (Fits to a tee.)

More news is coming out of this week's disgusting events at Evergreen State College. It appears that the so-called "meeting" between school president George Bridges, his staff and rebelling students was actually a case of false imprisonment, which is a crime related to kidnapping. It appears that Bridges and his staff were not allowed to leave the meeting room and Bridges actually had to be escorted to the bathroom. Try not to vomit while watching the video.

In addition, dozens of faculty members have started a letter demanding that  Professor Bret Weinstein, who was the victim of verbal abuse by students and appeared on Fox News to relate the events, be subject to disciplinary action for causing a "white backlash" against Evergreen.

Evergreen was temporarily closed this week over safety concerns. Maybe that closure needs to be permanent or at least until order is restored. They can start by expelling and prosecuting the students involved. Inn addition, Evergreen sorely needs a president stronger than Mr Bridges.

Enough is enough. It is time to take back the universities. That means no more donations from the alumni and public.  That means that pusillanimous administrators like George Bridges be fired. It means expelling and prosecuting students when they break the law. It means no more potted plants in the campus police. In the case of public universities, it means that the statehouses need to find better uses for tax money than these ridiculous institutions. One would hope that Evergreen would be the straw that broke the camel's back.

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Squid said...

I assume that you mean call the police and report false imprisonment by students who are acting like criminals. Further, I would expel those students after I told them to cease and desist with their criminal behavior. I would fire George Bridges for lack of having testicular tissue (although, it would not stand up in court).
I totally agree that we need to take back the campuses across the country. We will have to depend upon our new Attorney General to get tough and the SCOTUS to back law and order.