Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pro-Palestinian Students at Humboldt University Bring Back Memories of Book Burning.

Hat tip Algemeiner

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Berlin's Humboldt University was the site (in what is now Bebelplatz) of the infamous 1933 book burning. (Actually, many other universities across the country held the same event on the same evening.) Now a new form of academic intolerance has struck many of the Western world's universities. That pertains to anything associated with Israel, be it Israeli academics, products or politicians. At Humboldt,  the speaking appearance of an Israeli lawmaker on Tuesday was disrupted by the usual crowd of pro-Palestinian brown shirts.

In Israel, Jews face the threat of terror attack and murder every day. In the West, it's disruption, boycotts and vandalism. Is it really necessary to ask who the good guys are?

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